Nokia Lumia 830: Australian Price And Release Date

The Lumia 830 is the "affordable flagship" from Microsoft Devices. There’s a 5-inch 720p screen, a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 2200mAh battery. Of course the 830 also comes with Nokia’s collection of apps like Here Maps and MixRadio as well.

It also features a 10-megapixel camera which has been overhauled with reduced time to first shot and a dynamic flash feature that lets you simulate a fired flash in editing.

The design is similar to the Lumia 930, except the back plate is removable so you can customise the colour however you like. You get a choice between black, white, green and orange. Those plates also support wireless charging by default, with a new glowing charging pillow to be made available too.

It packs in 700MHz band support for all the new telco 4G networks about to be made live, and ships with Windows Phone 8.1.

Compared to the Lumia 930, you miss out on a 1080p screen and a 20-megapixel camera when you pick up the Lumia 830, as well as a faster processor and more RAM.

So what's this latest slab of Lumia going to set you back? Well, Microsoft has priced it at $579 outright, and will also offer it on plans in partnership with Telstra and Optus Business from "early November".

Would you pick up a Lumia 830? Tell us why or why not in the comments!



    Would I get an 830? Sure, my Lumia 820 has been great. It has the best built GPS/mapping solution of any of the smartphone platforms, is stable, fast and easy to use, and none of the Windows Phone software updates have made the phone slower/worse. I don't need the better camera or higher res (sure, they'd be nice), and I don't play games on my phone, so the extra grunt of the 930 is kinda wasted.

    Going to miss the Nokia logo on it though.

    At $579 (USD or AUD) its still too expensive for a mid-range device.

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    considering the 930 can be bought from Harvey Norman for $630 (which is not grey box pricing) this is just pathetic, im a huge windows phone fan but who would pay 570 when for $50 more you can get a much better screen and camera?

      I would. This phone is a much better size and has microSD, making it a better bet than a 930.

      hey i can sell nokia 830 to you for $300 only used for less than a month

    Only Telstra and Optus :-(
    I've been kinda hoping for Vodafone. Say what you will about VFA, but their treatment & approval of WP updates has been pretty good.

    So far as the outright price, I have heard that Australian stock will be available for $549, and Yatango have it at $439.95 (which is a much more appropriate price).

    So would/will I get one. Sure. I would have liked a 930, but at $70/mth that was way too expensive for my pocket.
    The 830 gives me everything I want:
    - 4G
    - PureView camera
    - MicroSD upto 128GB
    - Qi wireless charging
    - 5" screen
    - WP8.1
    - Cortana

    A more than worthy update from my 2.5 year-old Lumia 800.
    Now I just need to find one on plan for around $50/mth

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      Have you shopped at Yatango? Do you know if they have local stock or is it just a front for an import business? Last time I bought a phone from overseas it was set to Mandarin and it was a hell of a job working out how to change the damned language.

      Vodafone has the 735 which is a pretty solid phone at a much better price.

    I really would like a Windows Phone, but I like having the app library and customizability of Android. I'll see what happens next year with Windows 10.

    Luke, when you say this will support the new 4G bands, are you talking about the super-fast services Telstra and Optus are trying to out-do each other with? i.e. Is there any reason to care about this support?

    Anyway, this is almost definitely going to be my next phone, I just want to see the screen first (I prefer AMOLED but I am willing to be convinced). Main reason is support for 128Gb microSD cards which will allow me to put my entire music collection onto it. That means it can replace my current phone and my ZuneHD and I always like a new thing that can replace two existing things. It has big shoes to fill, my Lumia 925 is the biggest step-up since I got my first smartphone, it has been absolutely brilliant, and my ZuneHD remains my all-time favourite gadget but it's battery life isn't what it used to be and 64Gb is just a bit too small.

    To me this looks more like the 925 than the 930. Just look at the picture above, the orange 930 is all flat, the aluminium looks like a strip that's been bent around the edge, but the green 830 has more roundness in the corners that makes it look a bit classier. I'll get a black one and maybe buy an orange cover to swap over, or the orange flip cover accessory that they've made for it.

    I bought a 735 as a temporary phone/for my mum when I get my HTC M7 back (damn camera).
    I must say, the 735 is an excellent phone for less than $400. Only downside is the general lack of apps, e.g. Google Chrome (understandably). IE isn't that great, the standard HTC browser is better. But apart from that, throw a class 10 microSD card in and you're laughing! The camera is pretty damn good as well.

      Just so us poor saps who use it everyday can understand what we're missing out on, exactly how is IE not as good as Chrome or the HTC browser? For my money IE is as good as anything in most ways and slightly better in some.

      I agree, IE is just generally pretty rubbish unfortunately. They have attempted to improve it in WP8.1 Update 1 but it is still terrible to the point of only just useable sometimes.

        Terrible how? In my experience it works as well as Chrome on a desktop machine so where is it failing for you?

    Page rendering isn't as good (although is better with some pages, e.g. Outlook a.k.a. Hotmail). It can barely play any gifs (I like to browse 9gag/tickld). Some small niggles like opening tabs in background also all add up. Maybe I'm used to using the HTC browser, but some of the 'features' available in Chrome/HTC aren't in IE (or I couldn't find them).
    But overall it works fine with most pages. It did struggle with Google maps, maybe there's some sneaky code happening?

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