Insane GoPro Video Of The World's Fastest Race Boats Crashing At 320km/h

H1 Unlimited is like the Formula 1 of the sea — except it's much faster and has way more crashes. The Unlimited Hydroplanes are powered by a 3000 horsepower Lycorning T-55 L-7 military Chinook helicopter turbine engine, so they are capable of going over 320km/h versus the (current) 300km/h top speeds of F1. Madness.

Sanctioned by the American Powerboat Association, these are some seriously fast jet boats. Hydroplanes like the one in the video below actually barely touch the water when they're up at speed — the hull design means they're lifted almost entirely up and out and only have their engines submerged. That means steering is complicated and, of course, that crashes happen.

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