Flash Photography Is Fun Again With These Squishy Diffusers

Flash Photography Is Fun Again With These Squishy Diffusers

If you shoot with an external flash, learning to control the light can be dreadful. Sometimes the best thing to do is buy a modifier for diffusing the light. Talk about a boring accessory to buy! A new Kickstarter makes flash modifiers fun and practical with the flexy, 3D printed MagSphere and MagBounce.

The new accessories are made by MagMod, the company that successfully launched via Kickstarter last year with a magnetically attachable flash grid and gel system. The new diffusers attach with the same convenient magnets, compatible with pretty much every speedlight out there. Like other similar modifiers, they spread the light over larger area to give you less of a harsh, shadowy look. But these ones are flexy and wonderful.

Just watch the extremely well produced Kickstarter video to learn all about what these things can do.

What I love most is the practicality. Not only do the MagSphere and MagBounce attach easily and quickly, but you can fold them up and store them anywhere. If you own one of the many large plastic diffusers on the market, you know how annoying they are to pack up. It actually makes me excited to buy these things, which is a unique feeling when it comes to camera accessories.

Of course, these things aren’t in the wild yet, so tread lightly knowing that they may not work as well as advertised. I would be particularly worried that they lose their shape over long periods of time. Time will tell! [via Petapixel]