Ben Heck Shows You How To Build An Apple-1 Replica From Scratch

Few of us have the $905,000 needed to purchase one of the remaining original Apple-1 computers that Steve Wozniak built in Steve Jobs’s garage, but modder-extraordinaire Ben Heck has the next best thing: a new three-part series of tutorial videos showing you how to build a fully functional Apple-1 replica from scratch.

Or, at least, mostly from scratch. Because the Apple-1 ushered in an era of computing where the machines could be cheaply built from readily-available parts. Instead of farming out a custom-designed CPU to a factory in Taiwan (and having to commit to ordering 100,000 units) off-the-shelf components could instead be wired up together to get the same results. Just keep in mind this is an 8-bit computer you’re building, not a DIY MacBook Pro, so don’t get your hopes too high of what it will be able to do.