Australian Police To Set Up 'Body Farm' To Study Decomposing Corpses

Farming is the backbone of Australia. The produce of our local primary industry is second to none, but a different kind of farm is about to be set up in New South Wales. It's in the business of farming rotting corpses for scientific study.

You read that correctly: a body farm is coming to Australia.

The secure facility will be set up in the Hawkesbury River region of NSW, and will serve the nation's police.

Learnings from the study of cadavers can be used to train body-detecting dogs, help solve crimes and assist in other investigations.

Previously, Australian law enforcement agencies have had to take much of their body knowledge from the farms in the US, but experts have told the ABC that not all of that particular information is relevant.

The Aussie body farm will use corpses donated to the University of Technology Sydney, and be made available at the facility for scientists and police agencies alike to study the decomposition process. [ABC]

Body image via Shutterstock

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