A Square Filtering Water Bottle You Can Easily Clean From Both Ends

A Square Filtering Water Bottle You Can Easily Clean From Both Ends

Four years ago the Clean Bottle arrived with a true innovation: a removable cap on either end that made it incredibly easy to properly clean. A few years later an upgraded version called the Square arrived that swapped curves for a rectangular design that wouldn’t roll away if dropped. And now its creators are introducing a third take, the larger Square 2.0, that introduces swappable inserts like a fast-flow water filter or a flavour infuser.

Even if you know your bottle is perfectly clean, you can’t be 100 per cent sure the tap you’re using away from home is as spic and span. So the Square 2.0’s optional water filter inserts into the bottom of the bottle and allows it to be filled in just 30 seconds. There’s no having to wait around for the bottle to fill drop-by-drop, and the water flows out as fast as it flows in.

The activated carbon filters the Square 2.0 uses last for three months, and while they remove chlorine, pesticides and other contaminants that make water taste and smell bad, you’re going to want to avoid filling it up from stagnant ponds because you’re probably going to still get sick.

But if plain old water isn’t your thing, the Square 2.0 also introduces an infusion chamber that you can fill with fresh chopped fruits to add a little flavour to your H2O. You can even buy multi-use infusion pods filled with freeze-dried fruits and sweetener that work like giant tea bags to spice things up.

Like with the original Square bottle, the 2.0 is starting life through a Kickstarter campaign that’s already almost a third of the way to its $US30,000 funding goal. If you want in on the near ground floor you can pre-order the Square 2.0 bottle with a donation of just $US15. Five bucks more gets you a bottle and either the modular filter or the infuser, while $US22 gets you the bottle and both accessories so you can finally ditch the soda pop, without having to go completely cold turkey on flavour. [Kickstarter – Square 2.0 Bottle]