OMFG U Can Search Bing W/ Emojis LOL

OMFG U Can Search Bing W/ Emojis LOL

The Bing search engine will now give you results if you use emojis instead of words in your search query. “With this new feature, you can search using your favourite emoji, and Bing will return results based on the semantic meaning of the emoji,” Bing wrote in a blog post (probably right after sending the Google team a message solely comprised of a bunch of smiley poop emojis).

It seems like it would be more inconvenient to search for the proper string of emojis capable of representing what you want instead of just typing it in, so I’m going to give Bing a C- for execution here but an A+ for executing a gimmick and beating Google to something.

This is Bing’s most intense grab for the #teen crowd since it paid what I’m assuming was a lot of money to get itself inserted in the plotline of Gossip Girl.

[Bing via SearchEngineIsland]

Picture: Bing