Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

Microsoft just announced the newest version of Windows. It's called Windows 10. Yes, Microsoft has decided to skip a digit in search of the perfect name. More importantly, Windows 10 will be a single operating system that finally spans all of Microsoft's Windows powered devices, from desktops and laptops all the way through to tablets and phones. "Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform ever," says Windows boss Terry Myerson.

You can check out our Windows 10 hands-on and first impressions right here.

Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

We're learning about the new operating system right now at a San Francisco event, and Microsoft revealed the name first, so expect us to fill in details in real-time over the hour to come.

First up: Microsoft says it's aiming at the enterprise PC customers first, not regular device users. The company's calling it its most managable operating system ever, which is probably not a phrase that makes you drool! "I'm not going to spend much time on fanciful end-user features," said Microsoft's Joe Belfiore as he fired up a demo.

Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

But here's one feature you might care about. Sure enough, the Start Menu is back in full force. The jarring Windows 8 Start Screen which obscured everything on your desktop is totally obsolete, because you can add all the same automatically refreshing Live Tiles to this new Start Menu.

In fact, you can customise it however you want: shrink it down to be short and stout, or pull it up to be tall and lanky. No problem. Universal search is also right there in the Start Menu, no need to mess with hidden Charms.

Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets
Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

You know what else? Forget about having to deal with icky Windows Store apps that take up your entire screen. Windows is all about windows, and you can run those apps in a window just like anything else.

Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

Mix and match "new" apps and "legacy" apps across multiple windows and even multiple desktops if you like, and snap them into place with a new feature called Snap Assist:

Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

Snap Assist can grab windows from your other desktops, in case you need to mix and match tasks.

For power users, Belfiore even showed that you can now copy and paste in the old-school Windows Command Prompt using standard keyboard shortcuts.

That doesn't mean that touch is getting deemphasized, though: Belfiore says touch is the direction that Microsoft sees computers trending towards, and sure enough you can still swipe in from the right side of the screen to pull up the Charms Bar. Rumours of its death were greatly exaggerated!

In fact, Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be able to intelligently detect when you switch a 2-in-1 device (like the Microsoft Surface) between tablet and laptop modes. Belfiore showed off a demo called "Continuum" where the Windows 10 user interface would shift between two different views when you dock or undock it from a keyboard, and adding a new Back button to help you navigate when the touchscreen is your only option. Take a peek at that below.

Windows 10: One Operating System To Rule PCs, Phones, Tablets

"Yesterday they were driving maybe a first-generation Prius... and we got them a Tesla," is the vibe of the new OS, says Belfiore. It's an advanced experience, he says, but it's still just like driving a car. Microsoft says it's key to show companies that they have been listening to user feedback and making changes appropriately. "We had some experiences that didn't go quite so well, so we're trying to learn from that and make it all better," says Belfiore.

Microsoft says it will launch Windows 10 in 2015, and won't talk about the consumer features of the new operating system (or presumably, the smartphone experience) until early next year. They're not talking about the business model for Windows 10, or whether we'll be seeing it a single release of the operating system or staggered for different types of devices.

You'll need to consult our Windows rumour roundup for more potential info.

We're in the Q&A phase of the event now, and hoping that Belfiore and Myerson drop some more info. One nugget so far: on smartphones, Windows 10 won't have a desktop mode. Thank the heavens.

Microsoft also says that it won't necessarily require new hardware: Belfiore says the intent is to make Windows 10 available as an update for "the vast majority of devices," though when and how is still a mystery.



    Ok doing a full backup of my system today, so I can upgrade when this bitch gets released to the wild..! The sad thing is that, like Windows 8 & 8.1 & 8.1plus, I'll just make it work like Windows 7 and be done with it, even on my Ultrabook..! :)

    @billybagsnatcher @wok What's 'yer beef..?

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      It looks like it already works like Windows 7.

        Yeah... not entirely sure why I'm being downvoted on this... Let's face it, this will just be an incremental improvement on 8.1, the same as it was an incremental on 8, and 7 before it. Just with a few nice kernel tweaks for speed and efficiency. My choice is to take the improvements under the hood and use it as I've been using windows for years..! When they make an actual "new" OS I'll change with it it..! :)

          me personally im waiting for neural interfaces

            You plan to hook your brain up to a Microsoft product?

            I'd advise you to go and watch the first episode of Sword Art Online then reconsider.

              i've already seen it and i never said anything about MS... i said neural interfaces... ill be making my own OS by that time :P

          No, it won't even be that. It's just window dressing, nothing I've seen so far is going to make working in the Windows environment one wit easier than it is now. Like Windows 7, it is 100% marketing with no real improvement at all. I mean, seriously, can anyone give me one actual advantage of the new Start Menu? It looks to me like it's all the worst features from Win7's Menu - tiny window, lots and lots of scrolling - combined with whatever will fit from the Start Screen. It basically removes every advantage the Start Screen has over the old Menu and gives us nothing in return.

            Like Windows 7, it is 100% marketing with no real improvement at all

            It was part marketing and a huge improvement both in the UI and under the hood. It also had better driver support, the main weakness of Windows Vista.

            I mean, seriously, can anyone give me one actual advantage of the new Start Menu?

            You have been given numerous advantages from myself and others. If you choose to ignore then that is your choice. But don't go pretending you have not been given examples when you have.

              Not even close. Long before Win7 came out, all the driver issues in Vista had been well and truly sorted. The UI just got a really mild cosmetic makeover, there wasn't a single improvement to how anything actually worked and, AFAIK, there were zero work done "under the hood". After all, the kernel version for Vista is NT6.0 and for Win7 it is NT6.1.

              No, you have not given a single advantage of the Start Menu. not one. In previous discussions you may have raised points but I'm certain I refuted them all. e.g. The fact that it doesn't take up the whole screen is completely irrelevant as it takes focus, denying you access to anything else that may be running or visible. The one valid scenario someone mentioned a year or two ago was that you can keep watching a video with the Start Menu open, which means it might be an advantage in 0.1% of cases, which hardly makes up for the serious shortcomings that go with it 100% of the time.

                Not even close. Long before Win7 came out, all the driver issues in Vista had been well and truly sorted.

                No, they weren't. Stop trying to omit and bend the facts to support your myopic views.

                The UI just got a really mild cosmetic makeover, there wasn't a single improvement to how anything actually worked and, AFAIK, there were zero work done "under the hood".

                It booted faster. Ran faster in a virtual machine than the Vista Host the hypervisor was running on.

                The Task Bar became the Task Mat and the fact documents could be pined to the application icons was a massive productivity boost.

                And finally, the widgets - they drop the nonsense where a portion of the screen was taken up just for the widgets.

                No, you have not given a single advantage of the Start Menu. not one.

                There are three above and they are the same I have given to you in previous posts.

                Just because you don't want to acknowledge the existence of my posts does not mean they don't exist.

                In previous discussions you may have raised points but I'm certain I refuted them all.

                No, you have continued to counter with myopic fanboy views and in some cases have branded my responses (and even some others) as, quote, "absolute rubbish".

                You have been countered by me and others successfully. You have been given clear and valid examples.

                Just because they don't suit you does not mean you can pretend you have not been told otherwise and expect the reality to change to suit your insecurities over your own chosen OS.

                And this is where I leave the matter where you are involved. Especially how most of the posts you make are actually in favor of Windows 7 but you have just switched the names around to suit yourself instead of accepting the reality around you.

                Last edited 01/10/14 1:35 pm

                  Now you're just making stuff up. I've never heard the term "Task Mat" before in my life and it certainly doesn't show up on a search. I'll assume, though, that you are talking about Jump Lists, a feature so good I'd forgotten it even existed. I actually had to look it up to remember how it worked. I don't recall the widgets thing but I'll take your word for it. On the speed front, I never noticed any improvement in performance when I installed it anywhere but, again, I'll take your word for it, even though my little netbook didn't perform any better on Win7 than it had on XP. OTOH, Win8 turned it into a usable PC for the first time since I'd bought it.

                  And all the Vista driver issues were absolutely sorted well before Win7 came out. I didn't get onto Vista until after SP1 was released and every peripheral I use, from the MidiMan 1x1 I bought in 1999 to my newest Line 6 UX2 audio interface, all worked first time with the newest drivers. Vista always worked very well for me, although it still had all the problems I had with Win 7, too. They didn't fix any of the things I thought actually needed fixing, like the Start Menu and re-ordered Control Panel.

                  Overall, though, you are really just making my point for me - these are all minor improvements and they don't add up to the difference between great and awful. There was certainly nothing in there worth paying an upgrade fee for. Win 10 is looking set to be the same.

                  @The User Above: You are right, the term Task Mat is not used. But you doing a search only confirms what I have been calling you out on: you ignore what is around you and warp the facts to suit your own insecurities.

                  Overall, though, you are really just making my point for me

                  You keep telling yourself that. The reality is actually the inverse.

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            There were extensive improvements internally in Windows 8 over Windows 7. It's much more memory efficient and runs faster, and also has a small improvement in gaming performance.

          Your being downvoted because that's a backwards way of thinking. (BTW I have not up or down voted you at all)

          Windows 8.1 is substantially faster than Windows 7, and can run very well on 2Gb of RAM and a dual core 1GHz processor. It also boots in less than 30 seconds with such low end hardware.

          Using a touchscreen on Windows 7 was terrible, on my Windows 8.1 laptops, I prefer using the touchscreen to using a mouse for most tasks, because it's quicker and more convenient (scrolling and zooming in on documents/webpages is about 10x easier).

          It's a big step up and it will be a huge step up from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for business. It's even more positive if the workers can get their monitors replaced with touch screens, but 23" touchscreens would have to cost less than $200 before that happens. They are about $300-450 now so we are not that far off.

          To label Windows 10 as an "incremental update" is just plain wrong.

          If you want to live in the past, go right ahead, that's your choice, but you don't need to drag the rest of us down with you.

          Last edited 01/10/14 9:47 am

            I think you're being overly harsh and unnecessarily aggressive. You not agreeing with Timmahh does not make either of you wrong, or backwards.

            He doesn't feel the need to substantially change the way he interacts with his PC, nor do I - I don't see how that affects your experience? It's possible that if enough people fail to take up new UI changes that Microsoft will slowly adapt or remove them but I'd say that's Microsoft's fault for misunderstanding how the majority of people want to interact with their devices - they need to try again.

            Change for change's sake is not necessarily progress. I think you'll find most people don't object to change if it delivers genuine efficiencies. The great failing of Windows 8 was not allowing people to revert to familiar UI elements. I'm not saying that everything in Windows 8 (or Windows 10, when it arrives) sucks but for me, the bad changes, that I didn't have the will or the time to learn, outweighed the good ones for the first time in a new Microsoft OS.

              Change for change's sake is not necessarily progress. I think you'll find most people don't object to change if it delivers genuine efficiencies. The great failing of Windows 8 was not allowing people to revert to familiar UI elements.

              It's not just that. The main falling was the efficiencies found on tablets did not translate to the desktop with only a keyboard and mouse.

              And the subsequence updates were basically one small step forward and two or three large steps back.

              This time around, it looks like they actually thought about it for a change and have done for a middle ground compromise.

              My comments were more directed at the idea that Windows 10 is an "incremental update" and that Windows 8.1 was an incremental update to Windows 8 etc. Windows 8.1 introduced massive speed boosts to those of us who still use spinning HDDs.

              I think the new start menu is a good thing and can't wait to try it out. My only problem with the tiled UI previously is that it was very difficult to use with a keyboard & mouse.

              Windows 10 should be much better for those without touchscreens which will be the majority of business customers at launch.

              Unfortunately in the workplace most of us will never see the benefit of live tiles in Windows 10 because of the bandwidth used by thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of desktops all getting weather/news updates every hour.

              Windows 7 gadgets were banned when we got Windows 7 at my work in 2013 (yes, you read that right, August 2013).

              I'll reserve my judgement on Windows 10 in the workplace until we receive it sometime in 2019 or 2020. :)

              I apologise if my previous comments were overly aggressive.

              Last edited 01/10/14 3:46 pm

            This is the thing about Windows 8. On touch screens the UI worked fine for the most part. But some Apps just lacked consistency and were just a mess.

            This I found via my own Surface RT which was obtained as a testing device for my work.

            On desktops though where a mouse and keyboard are used (most likely due to the price of touch screens as you mentioned) it was a mess but rather than actually fix it each new update was a rushed, knee jerk reaction with virtually no attention to thought.

            But Windows 10, it looks like they have actually put some though into the UI and have put a compromise with the Start Menu. I for one like how they combined the organisation using folders from the old and have added the live tiles from the new.

            So far it looks like a very good mix of the two but I'm saving my final comments for when the final master gets released; for fear my saying this is a good mix will actually jinx the final outcome.

            I never said I had a complaint about the underlying efficiencies of Windows 8, or the way it worked..! In fact, I made note of the improvements in the kernel etc, so I have no idea what you're so het up about..? I choose to use it as I've been using it it for years, and that's my choice, but it's definitely not a reason for an indictment..!

            Last edited 01/10/14 10:52 am

            I don't agree with the touch thing at all. I find using touch worse than using a mouse and keyboard. It is so much easier to do pretty much anything on the Metro side with a half-decent scroll-wheel mouse and a keyboard. Scrolling and zooming is way quicker than using your fingers. The only time I use touch with my laptop is when I don't have a mouse. It works really well in tandem with the trackpad - you use touch to move the cursor where you want it and do all the fiddly work with the trackpad.

            You are also assuming that MS will make improvements in other areas but so far they have not talked about that at all. Everything they have talked about is just window dressing, designed to get the luddites back on board. Hopefully they will introduce some real improvements for everyone but nothing I have seen so far is an improvement on what we have already.

          well i wouldnt call a single platform across all devices an incremental improvement

          for one, ive been waiting for them to either kill windows RT or merge with windows phone
          that way at least windows phone can finally get larger market share and more apps
          and would function just like how Android and iOS is the same platform but works for phones and tablets.

          Considering MS has office for mobile and RT already, you can own a very cheap tablet or pc for example and do all your basic tasks, AND ALSO take advantage of the fun utilities and apps that would be available in a mobile/tablet app store.

          But for me im a heavy full windows tablet user
          windows 8 tablet optimised interface was a breath of fresh air

          if they improve it more, it would be the best tablet operating system IMHO
          the UI has to be intuitive and easy like iOS but more powerful than android (the galaxy note tab 4 with multi windows is a great baseline)

          Then i can work, entertain and play full PC games all on one device

      Same. I always download the DevPreviews and start playing around with the latest versions. I got a SP2 and WP8.1 as well so I can try it out all of them maybe?

      I'm hoping they fix the underlying UI stuff for different screen resolutions. Certain apps (and it's probably the developers fault really) the UI is SOOOO small on my surface pro 3... it's like a school for ants and needs to be at least 3x bigger. seriously though SO TINY! You can still tell what things are due to the definition, but pressing on the right things gets harder when your finger is the size of 5 buttons on screen.

      Also the general usability is fairly bad for touch in windows and it could be fantastic (but then again, I've lost a fair bit of faith in MS and their design\usability.

      If I can run Windows Apps on the desktop.....I'll be all over this like a rash. I generally hated Windows apps, but the mail and calendar apps are awesome. Much better than iOS. Bing news is great too.

      So if I can now run them on the desktop.....sweet.

      Also, I better be able to use both touch and mouse on my hybrid when its docked. Stranbgely I find myself working quickest when I'm using a combination of both.

    Isn't this how OSX and iOS works? Effectively the same OS at an underlying level, but you still develop separately to the strengths of each device and the mobile devices not having the same full feature set as the desktop/laptop OS.

      Not quite. Both OSX and iOS are based on Linux but apart from that they aren't very similar. They are completely different OSes with different sets of features for developers. I think the aim of Windows 10 is to allow the functionality for all devices and let the developers choose whether they want to implement it.

        Gotta love the cycle of programmers making the jobs of other programmers easier so the future programmers can do the same for their little minion programmers.
        It's a nice cycle

        I don't mean to be rude but that is not completely true.

        OS X used Darwin which is based on BSD and has code and advancements from NextStep (also based on BSD).

        Linux is something separate altogether even though it shares a lot of the programming interfaces and tools originally found UNIX/UNIC which is an ancestor to many Unix-like OSes including BSD.

        They aren't based on linux, they are based on UNIX.

      One platform, One Store would suggest Intel Phones otherwise I don't understand what they are saying. If this is the case then it is a pity as Windows Phone is probably the best OS Microsoft has made.

        Then you don't understand what they're saying ;-)
        CPU architecture has nothing to do with it. Windows Phone apps would be mostly compatible with Win8.1 even now if MS would let you run them. There are also universal apps that run both on wp and full windows using basicaly the same code. They really have do add a few unimplemented things to WP sdk and merge the stores. It doesn't matter if the cpu is x86 or arm.

          Which is exactly the same as what Apple have done with Xcode. Not defending Apple or indicating that Microsoft is copying, but it is not One OS, just sharing the same name. Even though Microsoft will have universal apps (like pages, number, iCloud from Apple), it will still be up to developers to make two versions of the apps depending on architecture (it will just be easier then it currently is). Microsoft may force developers to create two apps, but they can only charge for one so that users don't feel like they are buying different apps for different platforms, but not sure how developers will like this. I think there should be clear definition between the different platforms, but just make the experience seamless.

    I'm one of those weird people that loves the start screen on my desktop, so I'm really hoping I can just set that "tablet mode" to my default.
    But anyway, keen to give this a try. Who knows, I may end up loving the start menu again.

      It sounds like you can resize the start menu so just drag it out to fit your screen.

      Leaked videos have shown that there is a setting to choose between the Start Screen and this new, useless menu thing, so you should be OK. Mind you, there is supposed to be as setting in 8.1 that allows you to choose whether you go back to the desktop or the Start Screen when you close an app/applications but I'll be buggered if I can find it.

        Well that'll be good then.
        Oh and that option you're after is under Taskbar properties > Navigation. Should be the first one under Start screen.

    If i can't right click on somethimg with my mouse and then click print, and it wont print ( ala windows 8 ) then its a fail. I hope windows 10 is extremely mouse friendly. If i cant use my mouse to do most things, then i'm finally going to try Apple's computers ( yuck ) for a change.

      Macs don't have a right mouse button. One button to rule them all, apparently

        you tap on the right hand side or do a two fingered tap - there are just no visible buttons.

        Troll or just ignorant? There has been a secondary mouse action (or right-click if you prefer) for many years, even back in OS 9 I believe. Many different ways to do it, depends on how you configure the preferences. On a trackpad, click or tap with two fingers, click in bottom corners, or hold ctrl and left-click. Magic Mouse (and the Mighty Mouse before it) also has a right click button, it's just not visibly separated. Of course, right-click on any third party mice you wish to use are also supported, as are programming any other buttons they might have.

        Back to Windows 10... I really hope they fixed some of the glaring design flaws present in 8. Like if you want to set a black or really dark theme it didn't invert the text or button colour, making the window title and minimise/maximise button all but invisible.

        Dude, there has been a right click on Macs since around the turn of the millennium. And even then it is possible to simulate the same thing by holding down a key to change the sole button's behaviour.

      You may wanna look at OS X Yosemite first. Trust me, you're only trading one set of problems for another.

      Last edited 01/10/14 9:25 am

        Yes, Yosemite looks quite good (so far).

          No it doesn't. It shows Apple has since fired any graphics artists it had with talent and now we have a washed out UI which is almost as bad a Metro and they completely butchered Spotlight.

            Actually, I'm not that much of a fan of the new graphical direction for either iOS or osx but the functionality of Yos looks quite good. I quite like the new spotlight but each to their own I guess.

      What are you talking about? Where are you right-clicking?

        In my job I get attachments that need to get printed out. On windows 7 you right click the attachment (brings up options) and then click on print, and lo and behold, it prints. Windows 8 doesn't work like that unfortunately.

    One platform, one store. Sounds like they should have called it Windows One

    "Universal search is also right there in the Start Menu, no need to mess with hidden Charms." I guess most people never relied that universal search works as soon as you start typing in the windows 8 start menu... Though its Microsoft fault its not obvious, still this is a tech blog, so, you know...

    Well this is looking positive.
    Possibly what Win8 should have been to begin with.
    Of course the question is now do I bother finally upgrading to Win8 or just wait for Win10.

      Likewise. I'm hoping with Windows 8+ they'll release it on that store of theirs (whatever it's called -- I don't use it).

      For Windows 7, given the resistance to upgrading to Windows 8, I'm hoping they'll find someway of applying it via Windows Update. I doubt it, but it'd be nice. The easier it is to migrate the more likely people are to do so.

      I have a Win7 desktop and a Win8.1 laptop. I can see myself upgrading the laptop before the desktop and only the desktop when I'm over it enough to bother to make the change.

        Yeah I totally understand. I doubt an upgrade from 7 to 10 would be a simple Windows Update though, unfortunately.
        However, I would imagine the upgrade from 8 - 10 might be something like that which is the main reason I am thinking of upgrading to 8 now when I have some free time.
        I definitely don't look forward to the migration process though. Even though I have most things backed up now having to go through all the re-installing and re-downloading is a PITA. Especially with my dodgy internet connection.

        May be difficult to do a seamless upgrade VIA an update due to the dramatic core changes to the kernal. I do hope it is seamless from 8.1 to 10 though.

    I guess that's why just 10 hours ago Yahoo was reporting that "The President of Microsoft Indonesia confirmed that the Windows 8 to Windows 9 upgrade will be available free download". Why is windows 10 a perfect name and Windows 9 not? Do they really want to distance themselves that far from Windows 8? There has to be some more logical reason, did someone trademark Windows 9 before Micro$oft?

      They said at the event that it's because it was such a huge step from 8 (i.e. this will be the platform that will run across Phone, Tablet, Desktop and TV - universal platform with universal apps) and also because they wanted something akin to their other products (Xbox One, OneNote, OneDrive, i.e. needed a 1 in it).

      They joked about naming it Windows One/1 but then showed a picture of Bill Gates holding a Windows 1 floppy.


      Thanks, I enjoyed the flashback to 1999.

      Last edited 01/10/14 9:28 am

        Seems like they should have just called it Windows One or OneWindows in that case.

          then what do they call the next version? WindowsOne360?

    I don't understand why they are calling it Windows 10. What does the number 10 signify?

      Just explained this above if you'd like.

        That doesn't really explain what the significance of the number 10 is though. Calling it Windows 9 would have done the same thing. Or may be even something else that encompasses the whole "one platform" thing. The number 10 doesn't indicate that to me at all.

          It explains their reasoning behind the decision, they wanted something more significant then a single increment but also encompassed the number one. It's not so much what it signifies but more so it was the most logical decision to them.

          There's also a joke going around that many windows developers coded their program with the following:


          if(os beings with "Windows 9")
          //os is win 95 or 98

            Maybe they should have started numbering their products using the Fibonacci Sequence? You'd get real differentiation then!

            Windows 8, followed by Windows 13, Win 21, Win 34, 55, 89, etc.

          How does calling it Windows 9 give it an association with OneDrive, X-Box One and OneNote?

    Cool. looks like Microsoft are listening. 8.0 sucked balls. not that I know. I never installed it! but there was just too much negative press on it.dont get me wrong it looks like its a great O/S for phones. as from what I have seen. I'm done with my samsung phone run. I had Iphone 4 (got bored as the O/s , phone went nowhere really) so went to S3 samsung. was great, then went Note 2 LOVED IT. now I have note 3. and I'm at the same point as I was with with the 4S. its become stale as a phone. and the O/S isnt maturing. and from what I ve seen windows Phone software is looking pretty good right now. So when I see a windows phone in Phablet style/ size. that will be my next phone.

    moving onto my Desktop O/S I never got W 8 or 8.1 because of the negative press. plus When Vista was out I stayed with XP (amazingly stable O/S) so I did the same with windows 7. I was seriously thinking about buying 8.1 OEM as im buying new PC bits next week. but this has made my choice easier. if its coming out next year sometime. and Windows 7 is officially still supported, and pretty much bullet proof! Ill stick with it till W 10 comes. then ill dual boot, make sure its good then move over to it in a few months!!

    It was sad that Microsoft ditched and dumped a lot of the people that made windows 8. but they deserved it. and out of those ashes came an OS that we want. and need.
    Thanks Microsoft

      8.0 sucked balls. not that I know. I never installed it


      stopped reading there

      ive been using windows 8 on my multi monitor setup since day one even with all the new release bugs
      and i love it

      its just a fresh modern take. it has some flaws but 8.1 mostly fixed them and looks like 9 and 10 will make it even better.

      id rather incremental updates and learning from mistakes and customer feedback rather than being shoved with a massive change and huge learning curve after a long wait with several delays

      ppl who bitch about windows 8 either havent used it, base it on heresay or are just whiny turds who cant embrace change

    Its Windows 10 because 7 ate 9

      I was about to ask for a detailed explanation on what actually happened to "9", but this is satisfying enough :)

    Okay. So after reading Q&A's from Microsoft it looks as if they are going for the same strategy as Apple (not accusing them of copying, just stating they are using the same approach). So RT and Phone will be merged into a single OS for ARM processors (similarly to iPhone and iPad) and single OS for Intel processors (similar to Mac's). So in the end Microsoft and Apple are moving towards the same strategy with OS's that will provide a similar familiar experiences, but specifically targeted to different processors. Only difference is Microsoft will use the same name for both.

      Yeah, Apple is taking too long with their approach and whilst MSFT execution could have been much better I still think they're making excellent headway in merging their platforms together. If we actually finally get intel mobile phones like they have promised then having a SINGLE OS that is identical(in code/kernel) across 3 platforms(PC/Tablet, Phone & Console) will be out standing.

        Problem is they are taking the exact same approach as Apple. So Apple will have iOS8 ( ARM) and Yosemite (Intel) which are different OS's but share the same experience and universal Apple apps and Microsft will have Windows 10 (Intel) and Windows 10 (ARM) which are different OS's but share the same experience and the same name and Microsft universal apps. The other difference is Apple call the OSX store the Mac Store and the iOS store the App Store, whilst Microsft will name the store the same even though it is doing exactly the same as Apple having too different store with different versions of the apps it's just the store will have one name with the different versions of the app showing based on the device being used (same as what Apple a currently doing). I think misleading to call it Windows 10 for all devices unless they are running the same Intel based OS for all.

          The are running the same kernal insode each version. The devices run on the same code excluding driver support in certain specific areas but all their API, plugin and abilities would and could be the same. iOS has a completely different code structure to that os OSX. They nothing similar aside from being from Apple. Apple is several iteration away from merging their code, platform and creating a unified GUI design. The GUI is extremely different on iOS compared to OSX whereas the UI on the Windows Phone and Xbox One already share most if not similar GUI design.

            If that's the case that is awesome, but not what I got from Microsofts Q&A. They said they will be working on ARM and Intel Version closely but they are not one of the same. If the ARM and Intel apps will be directly interchangeable (as in one single app for both without any additional modifications) that would be great and I look forward to it. Love windows phone on the Lumia 1520 and would be disappointed if it was anything like Windows RT.

    I'm all for Microsoft's 'One Platform' approach as long as they realise that different types of devices (tablet, desktop, laptop) have different strengths/weaknesses that need to be taken into account when applying the platform to each device.

    It looks as though Microsoft might have done exactly that though after learning some important lessons from Windows 8 which, to me, felt like a touch interface crudely slapped on top of a desktop OS (just my humble opinion though).

    After reverting away from Windows 8 I look forward to giving Windows 10 a go!

    Windows seems to be doing good again. I really like windows 7 but 8 was crap so they should of learnt from their mistakes and 10 should be good. Seems to be the way Windows works. Make a shit product, learn, then make it good. Glad i bought my new windows mobile phone unlocked from Nokia Lumia Icon is awesome. Has a gorgeous screen, a fast processor, and a proven 20-megapixel camera. Low-light image quality is excellent. Got it for a great price too.

    Microsoft officially is now officially just packing fudge.... The word hideous would be insulted if I used to describe the new start men/metro crap... what is wrong with the GUI people at MS.. are they all on Red Bull and weed or something ??? thinking waaaaaaaaaaaay too hard.. When are they going to realise people like brands on their hardware... and DO NOT LIKE PAYING FOR AN OPERATING SYSTEM!!! wtf... are these people really dumb??? start investing in some hardware and cloud services instead of trying to spend so much time on an OS that you have to generate income out of it to keep the shareholders happy... and lets face it.. even MS developers probably think looks like a crap-can! :(

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