This Origami Cardboard Shelf Makes Starting Campfires A Little Easier

Unless you’re on some reality show trying to prove your chops at wilderness survival, it’s not a crime to bring along tools that make camping a little easier. Like this simple fold-up cardboard shelf that makes it easy to get a campfire started if you’re too tired to scrounge for kindling.

Part of Unikia’s Happy Camper line, the Happy Campfire is actually treated with a fire-starting chemical so it burns slowly, and it’s water-resistant so even if it gets soaked in a downpour, it will still light and burn. Not only does it serve as an easy firestarter, it also keeps logs off the wet ground, improving the flow of oxygen which helps ensure you’ve got a roaring fire in no time.

A pack of three is just $US12, but don’t be fooled by the product shot. Despite being an easier alternative to finding kindling, you’re still going to need to break out your axe and split those logs into smaller pieces in order to get your fire going. [Unikia via The Awesomer]