This Mountain Hut Looks Like An Ice Cube Perched In The Snow

With its sharp peak and angles, this mountain hut designed by Atelier 8000 both mirrors and complements the icy mountains surrounding it. To use the studio’s evocative description, it sits like “an erratic block left behind by the retreating glacier.”

Atelier 8000 designed this cube for the Kežmarská Chata (Kežmarská Hut) international competition. The winning hut will be built in the High Tratas, a mountain range on Slovakia’s norther border that is dotted with ski resorts.

Inside features a restaurant, sleeping areas, and of course ski storage space for visitors. Thanks to its tilted cube shape, none of the rooms are your regular old rectangle. The top floor, especially, becomes all topsy turvy as the ceiling slant as unusual angles.

The building itself is wrapped in shiny aluminium squares, occasionally broken up by windows and solar panels. It glints and glimmers like an artificial ice cube perched at an impossible angle in the mountains. [Archdaily]

Images by Jan Cyrany / Atelier 8000