This Filmmaker Reviews Google Glass Using Google Glass

By this stage, Google Glass has been around in its kinda-beta kinda-on-sale format for a solid 18 months, and the internet is awash with more reviews than you can probably tolerate. But it’s still interesting to see wizard filmmaker Casey Neistat’s opinion on everyone’s favourite face computer, especially when the entire thing is filmed with Glass itself.

Neistat’s review, as you’d probably expect from someone who professionally plays with cameras all day, focuses almost entirely on the camera, which he loves (though more for the convenience than for any particular photo-snapping qualities). The big downer (and this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise) is the battery life, which Neistat says can clock in at 45 minutes — not exactly great. Oh, and of course, it’s still “impossible to look cool” while wearing them, even if you are an Academy Award winner. [YouTube]