Anti-Trolling Animation Left Me Speechless

Canadian poet Shane Koyczan — the creator of the famous anti-bullying video To This Day Project, with more than 14 millions views on YouTube — strikes again with this powerful animation where he rants against trolling.

Shane told Buzzfeed:

After the release of the To This Day video I got a lot of letters from people asking me why I didn’t address the online aspects of bullying. I thought that was a great question. The simple reason is that I didn’t grow up with it. I had finished high school – blessedly – before that had become a new method of attack. I started to do a little research and it wasn’t long before I came across some pretty extreme examples of online abuse. It was hard to walk away without saying something about it.

I think it’s definitely tougher on kids today. There’s no more safe haven. People are being attacked in their homes.