This Bench Is Built Using Two Power Mac G5s

The Apple Power Mac G5 was an iconic computer — but, launched back in 2003, it’s since been superseded by the Mac Pro. So what better way to celebrate its long and useful life than using its bold looks elsewhere in the office?

Put together by Klaus Geiger, this piece of furniture brings new meaning to the word ‘benchmarking’ (in fact, the project is called Benchmarking — he beat me to it). Stripped of internal components, the computers have a solid piece of wood slung between them, formed to sit nicely in the gap between their handles. The filleted curve of the wood fits beautifully with the G5; it looks like it was always supposed to be this way.

Elsewhere, Geiger has also made some drawer units from G5s, though they’re not as pleasing to the eye as the glorious bench. But the concept here’s not a bad one: turn old G5 cases into smart, modular furniture systems. It’s a shame not all computer cases can look this good when they reach the end of their life.

There’s currently no word on whether you’ll ever be able to buy one of Geiger’s creations. So you might just have to make your own. [Klaus Geiger via Design Boom]