These Vented Slippers Breathe With Every Step To Prevent Hot Foot

Unless you live in one of those weird homes where they wear shoes indoors you’ve probably got a pair of slippers at the ready for when things get chilly. They will keep your feet warm, but it’s a delicate balance as you never want them too warm. So with every step, these vented GoodFoot Optimal slippers blast out uncomfortable warmth and suck in refreshing breezes for your feet.

A perforated insole and mesh vents on the side keep the air flowing, but if you still find your feet are getting a little too warm, a flap above the toes can be flipped up to let even more air in and out. At $US63 some might consider them a little expensive compared to just putting on a pair of socks, but those who live in climates that experience true winters know a pair of Hanes are no match for freezing hardwood floors. [Unikia]