The Wallops Island Launch Facility The Day After The Antares Explosion

Briefly: The Wallops Island launch facility, viewed from the air the day after the Orbital Science Antares rocket exploded right after liftoff. The photo was taken by the Wallops Incident Response Team on Wednesday October 29. [NASA/Terry Zaperach]


    Surprisingly not as much damage as I would've thought.

    is that a fried octopus on the beach ?

      You realise someone died right?

        well it wasn't the octopus' fault

        "No one was injured and the damage so far appears to be limited to the facilities, according to the company."
        you may be thinking of the Virgin Galactic disaster where there was loss of life -
        but no octopus were harmed

        Last edited 02/11/14 8:20 am

          Oh true haha!! My bad ^_^

          Still.. Poor octopus :

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