The iPhone 6 Plus Is Still Awkward To Balance With A One-Handed Keyboard

The iPhone 6 Plus Is Still Awkward to Balance With a One-Handed Keyboard

Meet One-Handed Keyboard, the first (obviously) one-handed keyboard for the iPhone 6 Plus. It will help you type a little bit easier, but the only thing is, it won't make your big-arse phone any easier to balance in just one smallish hand.

The concept is simple: The One-Handed Keyboard is a replacement keyboard that's smaller than the phone's default keyboard so you can type more easily across a smaller surface area of letters with a single thumb. You can orient it to the right or the left, depending on which hand you use to type. Above, you can see me typing with One-Handed Keyboard on the iPhone 6 Plus. Below, I'm typing with the default iOS keyboard.

The iPhone 6 Plus Is Still Awkward to Balance With a One-Handed Keyboard

It's definitely helpful, but it's not a panacea for folks accustomed to using their phone with one hand but would otherwise appreciate the bigger size. It's not making your phone any smaller — I still had to try and hold a 5.5-inch device in one hand, which feels like some kind of balancing act.

This is a good start for keyboard alternatives for the big guy. But just a start; it's worth noting the app doesn't have predictive text in this build. But even with small keyboards out there, remember: The iPhone 6 Plus still is the big guy, and no tiny hand-friendly keyboard is going to make the actual hardware heft easier to handle. [One-Handed Keyboard]



    Why bother, just use 2 hands, it's an option to use one hand.

    I think this is probably why Samsung never gone in so much trouble to make it one hand phone for Note 4.

    Or you can use Swype keyboard. I found it easier to type with one hand than using the normal keyboard

      to be fair samsung has long had a one handed setting on their phablets

      what strikes me as unnerving is that it takes an apple product to release an article like this

      its as if the same commentary/observation/tests couldnt be done on any other 6"+ phone

        I've been saying the same about other articles regarding the size issues of the 6+, but keep getting responses more or less implying that "hater's gonna hate". I'm pleased to see at least one other person feels the same about the pandering to the "plights" of iPhone 6+ users...

          It's strange... a process of reinventing the wheel. Imagine if they did the same thing for every OS on a phone or each brand?
          Still, they're a media site that makes money from ad views or people looking at the site and the iphones are a popular subject so it's good for hits. I don't begrudge them for this since it pays for the more interesting, clever content.

            if i wanted bait click articles. id go use buzzfeed

            giz used to post thoughtful quality articles

          I don't mind the size but seriously the one hand thing is not for everybody. it's an option. I don't even bother to use 1 hand for this size of phablets. I do like the handle of my 5s with 1 hand though, but I tried to hold my Nexus 4 with one hand, it just not the same. it just doesn't feel right. That's why I usually hold with 2 hands, one for holding the other one for gesture/touch.

    I hear the iphones are pulling hair and beards when people make a call. This is got to be the worst release of a top shelf phone in history. Everything is going wrong from the cloud issue, the non streaming at the event, ios 8.0.1, wifi problems, camera problems, phone bending, in app browser problems, bugs, touch id problems and bluetooth problems. Not Apple's finest hour that's for sure.

      but idiots will keep buying it cause its trendy

    Uncased. The iPhone six regular keeps falling out of my hands. It feels like it was designed to be dropped...

    I don't want to leave the house with it until my case arrives. =/

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