The Droid Turbo Could Have The Biggest Phone Battery You’ve Ever Seen

Want a phone with seriously killer battery life? It looks like the new Droid Turbo was built specifically for you. An image that showed up on TaoBao (basically Chinese Ebay) says that sucker will pack a mammoth 3900mAh battery. That is a lot of power.

An earlier manual leak revealed the Droid Turbo, and FCC filings have suggested it will have a big-ass battery. We just didn’t have any idea how big until now. That the Turbo would have monster juice should come as no surprise, considering Verizon’s Droid line is (perplexingly) the only string of phones that seems to be actively chasinggreat battery life as a flagship feature. 3900mAh is not record setting — Huawei’s Ascend Mate has 4050 and the Lenovo p780 reps an even 4000 — but the Droid Turbo would be the first widely available US phone to get up into that territory. The Droid Maxx had a 3500mAh batter, and lasted us around 40 hours. The Turbo with a bigger battery (and more efficient processor) is all but guaranteed to fair even better.

The catch, of course, is that the Droid Turbo will be exclusive to Verizon, so everyone else will be stuck salivating at this battery beast, with little recourse for getting multi-day battery life in a phone of their own. But maybe, just maybe, this will start a trend. Here’s to hoping, because after all, battery life is the only spec that matters. [Droid Life]

Picture: Droid Life