The ABC Might Axe Australia's Last Prime Time Science Show Due To Budget Cuts

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is has to make some tough decisions in light of the Government's decision to cut its funding in the Federal Budget. Today it's being reported that Australia's last remaining primetime science show, Catalyst has a date with the broadcasting executioner. Sad face.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports this morning that while the ABC's Lateline program may be spared the axe, Catalyst may not be so lucky.

The report states that the science show — the last of its kind in Australia — could be axed under a worst case scenario, with other options including reducing the length of the season or changing up the format.

Catalyst recently landed itself in hot water over a report on cholesterol and heart disease which the Heart Foundation, among other lobbies, labelled as irresponsible.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on ABC Radio this morning that he would rather Auntie didn't cut a single show, and instead "made efficiencies" in its back office operations to make things more lean.

Despite the controversy, Catalyst is still a fascinating show from Auntie.

The news comes as Australia's investment in science falls to a 30 year low following a slashing of the CSIRO's research budget.

While we wait for the news, enjoy some of Catalyst's work on their YouTube channel. [SMH]

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