Tell Us About Your iPhone 6 Plus So Far

Well, Goldilocks, you’ve had about two weeks or less with your new, supersized iPhone 6 Plus, and we’re a little curious as to how things are going. Is it too big? Too small? Or is it just right?

The iPhone 6 Plus climbed its way up to the top of phablet mountain with a 5.5-inch display, and it’s the first time the iOS faithful have been confronted with such a big piece of hardware. Can you comfortably use your phone with one hand, or are you using both mitts to scroll through Instagram and poke people on Facebook? Is it comfy in your pocket, or is it a bulge too far?

More broadly, we’d like to hear how you’re using your Big Gulp of a smartphone. Do you feel like Zack Morris? And are you watching more video than you would on a smaller device? There are no wrong answers here! We just want a little check up on how things are going. Let us know below.