Some People In The 19th Century Called Brunch ‘Blunch’

Some People In The 19th Century Called Brunch ‘Blunch’

There are all kinds of dark alternate histories to think about. What if the Nazis had won World War II? What if the doomsday prophecies about 2012 had made any sense? And what if brunch had actually been called blunch?

As the New Republic reports, it nearly happened. Well, the blunch one.

When the concept of brunching was first established in the late nineteenth century, it doubtless seemed an exciting proposition for leisured night owls who partied all night and woke up late. It was a substantial meal that monied types could eat -- with Bloody Marys or screwdrivers -- if they slept in too late for breakfast. Oxford students said that if the time you ate it was nearly luncheon, it was called "blunch."

What a horrible world to imagine.

Picture: Illustration of a picnic in London circa 1880 via Getty Images