Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Pre-Orders Are Finally Open At Telstra

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Pre-Orders Are Finally Open At Telstra

After an oddly long wait, Telstra has finally opened up its pre-order process for the equally long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you sign up to purchase a new Note 4 before November 4, you’ll also find yourself with a chance to win $25,000 in gold — if you needed another reason to buy a new phone, that has to be a good one.

Telstra is charging a not-exactly-bargain-basement $77 for the Galaxy Note 4 on its cheapest mobile plan, which includes 500MB of monthly data, unlimited text and $550 worth of calls and MMS. Bump that up to 1.5GB of data and $700 of calls and you’ll pay $82, 2.5GB and $950 will cost you $100, and 3GB and unlimited calls is a measly $135 per monthly bill — all of these plans lock you into a 24 month contract. Of course, there are some added bonuses to tack on value, with extra data or calls available depending on your plan.

If those prices are too rich for your blood, Optus pre-orders start at $62, Vodafone is a minimum $86 and Virgin is a mere $57. Of course, you’ll have to compare value between each carrier to find out which is the best deal for you, but on the face of it it looks like Optus and Virgin are the best choices for the Note 4 at the moment.

Of course, Telstra is the only place where you can pre-order a gold Galaxy Note 4, since it has the exclusive rights to that particular colour option. If you do pre-order a Note 4, too, you’ll go into the running to win $25,000 in gold — as long as it’s online and as long as it’s before the November 4 cut-off date. The phone itself is released on November 5, after a delay from its original on-sale date of late October.

If you want to take a closer look at the Galaxy Note 4, in beautiful 1080p, YouTuber Marques Brownlee has a gorgeous video review for you to salivate over: