Fitbit Surge: Is This A $250 Fitness-Focused Smartwatch?

We got an exclusive look last week at Fitbit’s refresh of the Fitbit Force fitness tracker with the Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR, but that appears to have been only part of what the company has in store. The Verge reports that Fitbit will also be launching its own smartwatch, known as the Fitbit Surge.

According to leaked promotional material, the Fitbit Surge will cost $US250 and will come with built-in GPS and PurePulse heart rate monitoring. Apart from that, the device will work like any other fitness device by tracking your progress and activity throughout the day.

The smartwatch part of the equation enters with providing call and text notifications as well as music control from your wrist. If this leak is true (and it seems pretty solid), this would definitely be one of the most functional fitness bands on the market but a relatively simple smartwatch without the Android Wear OS behind it.

The Fitbit Surge allegedly joins Charge and Charge HR (with rumoured pricing around $US180 and $US220 respectively) as a family of devices. However, there is still no word on when we’ll see the devices IRL. [The Verge]