Reddit Just Bought An Aussie-Made App And Made It An ‘Official’ iOS Reddit Client

Reddit Just Bought An Aussie-Made App And Made It An ‘Official’ iOS Reddit Client

If you browse Reddit from an iOS device, you’re probably doing it via Alien Blue. It’s an Aussie-made app and it’s the best way to view the self-styled front page of the internet on your Apple gadgets. It turns out that Reddit knows a good app when it sees it: the company behind the social content sharing platform just bought the Australian-made app and made it the unofficial official way to browse Reddit on iOS.

Jase Morrisey is an Aussie developer who made Alien Blue, and will subsequently join the Reddit team as part of the acquisition.

Speaking about it on Reddit, he said:

I’ve grown pretty close to the admins over the past few years, and they’ve always treated me as a member of the team. Taking the next step to join them officially has been amazing to say the least.

As a developer by trade, you can imagine how excited I am to have reddit’s mobile UI/UX design talent and front-end engineers working alongside me. This is the crew that brought home numerous accolades for their work on the AMA application, and I’m stoked that I get to work with them on AB.

With their help, I’m hoping to bring Alien Blue to the degree of polish and feature-set that I genuinely struggled to achieve on my own. This application has so much potential, and I can’t wait to see it blossom alongside the help, care and resources of these people.

Alien Blue has since been taken down in the iTunes App Store and republished. That means you’ll need to re-download it to get future updates from version 2.91 onwards. You can find it here.

Jase will be doing an Ask Me Anything Q&A forum in the next few weeks to talk about joining Reddit and the app itself.

Reddit has pledged to continue working with third-party developers despite the Alien Blue acquisition.

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