NSW Police Pounce On Aussie Supercar Rally Stage After Driver Clocked At 216km/h

What do you do when you're part of an elite club of supercar owners in Australia looking for some thrills? You go on a rally-style drive of course. A group taking part in an event called the Modball Rally are racing exotic cars around Australia right now, and one of them was busted at an insane speed on the way to Melbourne yesterday.

Editor's Note: This post originally included an image of a car not associated with the recent Police action. Gizmodo apologises to the owner of the vehicle for the error.

The Modball Rally is similar to other rally events held around the world, including the Gumball Rally 3000 which pits teams in luxury supercars against each other to see who can make it to the next city the fastest via public roads.

The slogan for the Modball Rally Australia is "drive all day, party all night". Above is the wrap-up event video from last year's Aussie Modball stage.

NSW Police got wind of the Modballers racing from Sydney to Melbourne on Saturday, as first spotted by News Limited's Josh Dowling, and stopped an Audi RS6 after clocking the car at a whopping 216km/h.

The Police have confirmed the stop to us this morning. Here's their statement:

A man has had his licence suspended and will appear in court after being detected travelling at an alleged speed nearly twice the limit in the State’s Riverina today.
About 1pm (Saturday 25 October 2014), police from Gundagai Highway Patrol observed a black Audi RS6 wagon travelling south on the Hume Highway at Mundarlow at an alleged speed of 216 km/h in a 110 km/h signposted area.
The Audi was stopped and the driver was spoken to.
The driver, a 29-year-old man from the United Kingdom was issued a Field Court attendance Notice for exceeding speed limit by more than 45km/h.
He had his licence suspended on the spot and is due to appear at Gundagai Local Court on Monday 1 December 2014.
Police will allege the man was driving to Melbourne as part of an organised rally event.


Driver registration for the Modball was held in Sydney at a popular nightclub last week, before the rally kicked off in earnest from Bondi Beach.

Cars participating in the rally include a Lamborghini Gallardo, Holden Commodore, Rolls Royce Phantom and Mitsubishi Lancer, as well as the recently busted Audi RS6.

The 2014 rally is in its final two days right now.

We've reached out to the organisers of the event for comment.



    Sounds like real fun to me!! Not sure what will be the penalty (overall) for such an indulgence ;)

      It could have been an on-the-spot fine of $2,252 and 6 demerits.
      In court, it's a max $2,530 fine and 6 months loss of licence. But for a tourist, what's the point?

      Even the fine probably isn't much for this guy. I doubt it would even be grounds for refusing entry into Australia in the future. This is why I like some of the European penalties where income is a factor in the fine.

        Basically he's lucky he wasn't caught in Victoria because that would have resulted in a crushed car (or is that only after the 3rd strike?). Far more expensive but even then, probably not a big deal for a tourist driving a supercar (though I don't really consider the RS6 Wagon a supercar but anyway).

          They could have confiscated his car for 3months - but it's not detailed in that media release. Nor does it say what charges he will face.
          He could be up on a few beyond speeding. We love adding on extra charges in NSW like Dangerous/Negligent driving.

          550bhp and a quarter million dollars not enough? Splitting some hairs there.

            I guess it's the fact that it's a wagon. I love wagons but I don't consider them sporty.
            It's a powerful car for sure, but the title "supercar" is usually reserved for Lamos, Ferraris, Zondas, the Audi R8 etc... I guess it's just the look at that stage.

      Personally I think if they're part of a rally deliberately designed to create unsafe conditions on public roads, and they're doing it with premeditated intent, and breaking the motoring laws to such a huge degree, the only way to stop 'em would be to crush their cars. Enough people die on our shitty highways as it is.

        yeah, because the police totally have the power to invent new laws, new penalties and then arbitrarily apply them.

        Wait, we are still North Korea, right?

          Didn't actually mention the cops, did I? Seems you were so angry you forgot to read my coment.

    aww this is awesome!

    and i bet ya, that audi would be safer than 90% of victorian cars also, even at that speed.

      I think the stopping distance from 200+km/h would be a bit of a problem, no matter what you were driving.

        Le sigh

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          Stopping distance isn't the issue?

          How far do you think you'll travel in your reaction time?.

          In the time it takes you to react to an emergency, you'll cover a lot more ground at 216kmph, than you will at 110kmph, no matter what car you're driving.

          So stopping distance ABSOLUTELY is a problem.

          Every driver has a different reaction time and level of skill, so to throw out a blanket "you're wrong" in this instance, is pretty ignorant.

          You'll also impact with much greater force, which makes the likelihood of a fatality much greater too.

          Even with ABS and EBFD, an emergency stop at that speed puts you at great risk of upsetting the balance of the car and losing control.

          Not to mention that the risk of a mechanical failure is higher when you put a vehicle under more stress. Don't belive it? Why do you think service intervals are a lot more frequent for high performance cars?

          If you're going to tell someone they are wrong, make sure you're right first.


            The car is only one factor when measuring stopping distance. Things like the driver's reaction time don't really change much regardless of what kind of car they're driving. Let's say the average reaction time to a surprise hazard (e.g. a person or animal running onto the road, or another driver doing something stupid like suddenly cutting in front of you and braking) is 1.5 seconds (and that is pretty conservative depending on which set of numbers you choose to go with http://copradar.com/redlight/factors/index.html). At 200kph, you're going to travel over 83 metres (vs just over 41 metres at 100kph) before you even begin to slow down, regardless of what car you're driving or the condition of the brakes, tyres, road etc.

              *Sigh* this argument is old, long story short.

              The RS6 stops from 100kmh in 34 metres.
              Comparitively, your standard corolla (2014) takes approx 75m.

              Add 27.5metres for your 1 second reaction time.

              RS6 - 61.5 Metres (100kmh + reaction + stop to zilch)
              Think about this one for a sec, 61.5 m, thats roughly 2 seconds, from realisation, reaction, and stop to absolutely nothing.

              Corolla - 102.5 Metres (100kmh + reaction + stop to zilch)
              Thats roughly 4 seconds.

              Thats the difference of the Statue of Liberty, or around a 15 story building.
              Approximately 2 seconds quicker.

              Put in to perspective it was a race car driver with quicker reflexes.
              It would stop just as quickly as joe bloggs from 100 in his corolla.

              Plus it probably a country road with no one around.
              STFU, fully of whingers.

            yeah you didn't have much evidence to support your view.. i recently upgraded to a more powerful car and my service frequency went from 10000km to 25000km.. just for example. the only valid point you make is the reaction time. performance and safety technology scales with the price of the car.

              "More powerful" and "High Performance" are two very different things.

              A Holden Commodore is more powerful than a Kia Rio, that doesn't make it a high performance vehicle.

              Engines with high compression ratios or forced induction, have much higher levels of mechanical stress and the typical service intervals for performance vehicles are generally much lower (we're talking things like the BMW M5 or a Ferrari/Lambo, the kind of cars that people would actually take to an event like this)

              The actual service intervals aren't the main point though.

              The real point there, is that high performance cars are put under much higher stress than normal cars and while they are engineered for that level of work (to a degree), high performance vehicles are statistically more likely to have a major mechanical failure because the tolerances are so fine.

              You'll never see exotic cars rate highly for reliability.

                Thanks for taking me back to school; I'm a mechanical engineer and very aware of how high performance vehicles operate. If you read my original response you'll notice that I didn't actually disagree with anything you said (by "valid" I meant showing supporting evidence), I just mentioned that you made a lot of statements without providing any evidence; including the point about service intervals. It's funny that you mention high performance cars such as BMW M5, as the situation I explained was upgrading from a Subaru Liberty (10,000 km inverval) to a BMW M1 (25,000 km interval) - which led me to make my comment in the first place. I still agree driving at this speed is dumb and dangerous, in any vehicle.

            A Monash study from 1982 (latest Australian research I could find on the spot) shows an average reaction time to road stimulii of 2.5s. Also that drivers driving faster have poorer reaction times than safer drivers under the same conditions.

            110km/h @ 2.5ms = 76m
            216km/h @ 2.5ms = 150m

            Thats before breaking distances are applied. I had a look for those, and found relatively uniform stopping distances from 100km/h of between 40-50m. Thats likely less distance than you cover with the same reaction time at 216km/h.

            No matter how expensive your brakes are, or how fat your tyres are, you still have to react, and physics is still a major factor. And you canna' change the laws of physics.

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              The issue is here isn't stopping distance. He said "no matter what you're driving",implying it wont matter what you drive 200 is too fast.
              I never said they would stop the same.
              Lets all back the political correct side without any knowledge!

              Last edited 27/10/14 3:27 pm

                He said "I think the stopping distance from 200+km/h would be a bit of a problem, no matter what you were driving."

                This statement is absolutely correct.

                  So a sports car or a heavily modified car has the same stopping distance as a 80's family car?

                  Last edited 27/10/14 6:14 pm

                  Of course not, but that's not the point we're making. The point is that at 200km/h+, the stopping distance for ANY car would be much higher than the same car travelling at say, 100km/h. And that's not even taking into account reaction time, which would be roughly the same for everyone no matter what car they were driving. Increased stopping distance = increased likelihood of impacting something in the case of emergency. This risk is increased on public roads. And let's be honest, no matter what car you're driving, you're an idiot if you're travelling at 200km/h on public roads.

                  So i'm a idiot for going 200+ on a country road at midnight? Even a 10 k straight?
                  If i speed i make sure i'm not endangering others. Besides, there are no private tarmac strips near me, so give me a place to un-wind and i will glady do it there.

                  Last edited 28/10/14 3:12 pm

                  "So i'm a idiot for going 200+ on a country road at midnight? Even a 10 k straight?"

                  Yes you are. Ever heard of these things called kangaroos, which are especially active at night around country roads? Idiot.

                  I don't get roos near me, idiot.
                  Typical city person trying to tell others how to work or live.

                  Last edited 28/10/14 10:25 pm

                  Roos or not, you're still travelling at 200km/h on a dark, unlit country road, and at midnight when you're naturally more tired which means your reaction time would be less than during the day.
                  No matter which way you cut it, you're an idiot. But I don't expect a bogan to understand that. Whatever though, if you wrap yourself around a tree it doesn't look like it'd be a great loss for the world.

                  Good to see you can decide what would be a great loss for the world XD.
                  I find it incredible that you can tell me what is and isn't safe when you don't even know the road or any other of the variables, then call me a bogan for driving my car at my own risk away from others.
                  Let me guess, you're the type of driver that brakes on ever small corner and slows traffic, then flashes his lights at cars when they over take on a double white line even though it's 100% safe to do so. The type of idiot who only goes by the book and thinks it's the only way to do it and refuses to think for him self.
                  am i right?

                  Not at all, I'm far from a saint on the road but I don't think it's ok to drive at 200km/h on a public road either. It's really not that hard to figure out.
                  Let me guess, you're one of those "special" people who like to think they're Peter Brock despite having no advanced driver training whatsoever, who think that they're too cool for school and the rules don't apply to them, think burnouts are "fully sik bro", who weave in and out of traffic overtaking people only to be stopped at the next traffic light, and probably drive some crappy Commodore or Falcon or whatever else appeals to bogans. Lots of people thought like that. They're in the hospital morgue.

                  Nope, dead wrong.
                  I go a safe speed that isn't legal and hardly ever spin the wheels.
                  I hardly go 200 and if i do i don't endanger others.
                  i know i'm not pete brock and don't try to be, although most people do say i drive too quick but i know for a fact i don't.
                  You wont even hear me playing my music on full blast with the windows down.
                  and no i don't drive a generic bogan-mobile.

                  "most people do say I drive too quick"
                  When the majority of people are telling you something, maybe you should try listening. They obviously have more sense than you.

                  Most of my friends are retards and go 200 with 4 people in there car and i go ape at them for doing so.
                  Most other guys are old and scared of pot holes going 60.
                  I think i'l decide my self. I know my limits.

              I found the monash study too -

              Triggs, T. J. & Harris, W. G. ‘REACTION TIME OF DRIVERS TO ROAD STIMULI’.
              Human Factors Group, Department of Psychology, Monash University (1982)

              Here are a few extracts that make your assertation a curious one:

              "The requirement for unobtrusive observational techniques is stressed so that reaction time
              estimates can be obtained that are representative of real world performance. This approach
              was used in the study reported here to obtain data for a range of eliciting stimuli. The salience
              of the stimulus type was estimated by the driver response rate and form of response distribution. Vehicle speed was observed for some situations, so as to allow an assessment to
              be made of whether driver response times depend on vehicle speed. The data showed
              generally that faster drivers had lower reaction times under otherwise similar conditions.

              ...and this...

              " First, drivers may not monitor their speedometer very closely, and it is known that drivers are not able to estimate their speed very accurately from environmental cues only (Triggs and Berenyi, 1982). Nevertheless, drivers who are close to the speed limit will have some general knowledge of this and may brake to reduce the probability of being detected for exceeding the speed limit. Second, the higher speed drivers observed may be those who are more likely generally to drive above the speed limit. Because of this, they may be better prepared to respond selectively to speed-related stimuli whatever the situation than the lower speed drivers. Third, faster drivers may be more generally alert and more primed to respond to any salient st

              ...and this...

              "The observed variation in reaction time as a function of speed probably results largely from the
              higher speed drivers being more alerted, and in a higher state of preparedness to respond. "

              ...one more...

              "The amphometer and railway-crossing data demonstrate that, overall, drivers of higher
              speed vehicles respond faster than those at lower speed."

              The report seems to contradict your point of view. In fact, I could not substantiate what you suggest anywhere within it. The report clearly states that drivers travelling at higher speeds have a reduced reaction time.

              Emergency stopping distance is a function of many variables. An oversimplified relationship of distance vs speed based on an "average" response time and "average" vehicle performance is wildly inaccurate. It does happen to be convenient though when you need to validate your point of view...

            Oh look, it's an Australian Govt Propaganda ad replaying in this guys head constantly.

              Must be an old ad, because the current Federal government doesn't believe in sciences like "physics"
              It's a truism, you can't fight the logic here - a car travelling at 110km/h will brake faster and in a shorter distance than the same car at 216km/h. Even with air-brakes and changed spoiler configurations at speed won't change the physics.
              Because PHYSICS

                What are we braking for again? Objects don't magically appear in your path, in previously empty space, forcing you to brake - also because PHYSICS

                Maybe this guy is an idiot - maybe he was travelling way faster than what is safe for the conditions. But do not tell me that there is NO situation EVER where it is unsafe to do this speed on a public road. With zero traffic and good visibility, a performance vehicle with an alert driver could easily travel at this speed on some sections of road without significant risk - provided they adapt their speed to ensure the distance at which they could first perceive and respond to a hazard is more than the distance it would take to stop. If there is roadside clutter, trees, buildings etc. - slow down in case something comes onto the road. Intersections or other traffic - slow down to anticipate other drivers' actions and possible errors. A clear dual carriageway with cleared roadside verges, good visibility and no traffic - if you couldn't take an RS6 to 216km/h safely in these conditions then you shouldn't be driving.

                Just to be clear - we do not know the conditions this guy was driving in, so he may be anything from a reckless moron to a car nut giving it a harmless, mischievous squirt when he thought nobody was looking. My point is that we do not know, and that maybe, just maybe, this guy wasn't really putting anything at risk except his bank balance.

          I especially like the part where you backed up your point with facts and comparisons. Well done.

          Care to release your sacred "knowledge" upon us lowly undeserving ones? I'll save myself some time checking back here and just go ahead and say you've got no idea and aren't going to reply to your legion of loyal fans...

      Try crashing any car at 216km/h and see how "safe" they are.

        Basically anything above 150 is pretty much a body bag unless you're stupidly lucky. Either way you're not walking away from it (unless you're modified with a roll cage for example).

          Even with a roll cage, the force of impacting an object at those speeds could cause some serious damage.

          Thats assuming it's just a single vehicle incident. At 216kmh, if someone pulls out in front of you, they are gonna have a bad day.

            And that's not even in a "Cut you off" sense of pulls out in front of you... At that speed they can start driving across a clear road and before they get across you can appear and hit them with basically nothing either of you can do about it >_<

            I remember about a decade back near my local macca's some idiot was playing with his new motorbike flying along at something around 200km/h came over a hill and smashed straight through an old couple pulling out onto the road...The time between him being visible on the horizon (a little hill nearby) and hitting them would have been minuscule...

            All dead obviously :/ There's a damn good reason for all the down-votes on the "I can handle those speeds safely" people :/

    is the hume highway now dual lane the entire way from sydney to albury now? last i drove along it was like 11 years ago and there was still are fair amount single lane road (both ways)

      Dual both ways, but lots of point to point from Goulburn to Wodonga.

    Lol what a completely crap article, I actually went on this rally last year and it's nothing like your article states, there is literally a handful of supercars and the rest are generally just modified street cars like commodore, falcons, BMW's etc. Nor is it a race. And most entrants are well behaved and follow the road rules.

    29 year old from the United Kingdom? Yeah, I don't imagine they'll turn up for court or pay the fine.

    ALL drivers taking part in this nonsense should be sent to sea in a colander! What a pack of arseholes. No thought for other road users, no thought for what an accident might cost society, just boy racers. If they want to risk their own worthless necks they should be racing on a speedway, away from ordinary drivers. And don't mention skill to me; when you exceed the cars limits no amount of skill will save you! Same applies when you exceed your own limits, which most or all of these drivers would have no clue about.

      You are assuming that all the people in this event are like one person. trust me they are not and the report not accurate and making false claims.

      It's not a race. I did it last year, don't believe the article.

      216kph on a straight highway with excellent visibility isn't even close to exceeding the limits of an rs6.

      But tell us more about people you have never met.

    What a misleading report. This is NOT A RACE, and a social event. They even include a track day so the entrants can go out and do high speeds in a controlled environment. Just because one person speeds or drives like a fool does not mean that all the entrants are the same.

    I was in last years event and loved it. Great people, nice cars, different backgrounds and different types of cars (V8;s, imports, domestic etc) all coming together.

    This report focuses on 1 person out of 130 odd cars that take part in the event. Great to see how people profile and assume that ALL modball entrants are a bunch of hoons, doing excessive speeds on the streets and have no respect for others.

    This report clearly says they are "racing" around australia, (a pure false comment mind you), modball get approved street closures for the event along with police approval and direction.

      What do you expect with all the anti speeding anti car culture anti fun propaganda our state governments push? The social engineering is obviously working on the sheep.

        Yeah, my best friend was killed when some c*@k doing 180 in a 100 zone lost control and ploughed into him. But I see your point, the government definitely shouldn't stop us from speeding, more people should die apparently...

          Sucks your friend died, but have you thought maybe if the government did more to IMPROVE our driving skills, instead of making everyone so afraid all they do is look at their speedo and judge everyone else driving, Australians would be better at driving in general? Driver education in this country is an absolute joke. It's all centred around fear and judgement. Skill isn't ever entered into the equation, and there is absolutely nothing in place to assist in improving skill the longer someone drives.

          Motorcycle licencing is three half days total, and it absolutely shits all over the entire of car driver training in this country. Both are pathetic when compared to world standards.

          Australians aren't taught to drive, they're taught to fear the speed camera.

          Last edited 27/10/14 3:11 pm

            Completely agree @dknigs.

            I'm not saying that the government and police shouldn't be discouraging speeding.... but as mentioned the driver training that happens to gain a licence in this country is a joke.

            It wasn't until i was doing some driver training for my circuit racing licence that i did some practical accident avoidance type training. This sort of stuff should be mandatory before you can get your licence.

            Unfortunately for your mate @guido there will always be morons that decide to race or push the limits on the street instead of a circuit.

            Whilst I agree that better training would be a great inititive, speed limits are in place for a reason. Not just for revenue, but they also take into consideration the quality of the roads, how many pedestrians utilise it, overall driver skill plus shit loads more factors. Common roads are designed for the average motorist, not for performance racing. You've got to remember, other people use the roads. Just because you and I plus the piece of shit doing 216km/h think we're good drivers, it doesn't mean everybody is. Nor would everybody be even with training.
            I'm not an angel, but I have the decency to show respect to other people on the roads.
            I wouldn't really class their ads as "propaganda". They're just reminding us that we live in a society with other people, and as such there are rules. The rules cater to the majority, and are designed to keep people safe.

              As much as I'd like to believe what you say is true, why then are our speed limits the same or lower than they were 30-40 years ago when the roads were shittier, cars were shittier, and everything in general was pretty unsafe? The hume highway for example was 110kmph for the most part when it was a winding pot hole filled single carriageway goat track.

              Hell there are main carriageways near where I live that have had the speed limit lowered and the government no longer has the brainpower to re-time the lights, so they're still timed for a green run 10kmph faster than the new limit.

              Oh and lets not forget the little finger ad, no polite reminding there, purely social engineering and propaganda.

              Last edited 27/10/14 6:01 pm

              yep ok, speed limits are there for a reason?

              when the monash freeway got widened, remade, why did they reduce the speed limit to 80 kays?
              why did they reduce the westgate to 80 kays also?

              why have all the zones around my work been reduced from 70 to 60? even 50, on a dual lane road, with service lanes and a large median strip? it feels like you are going nowhere at all.

              wasn't the government looking at a country who's deaths were lower than ours, and thought, we should reduce all speeds to 80 kays a while ago? in the particular country, it SNOWED FOR HALF A FUCKEN YEAR.

              the speed limits are set very low, and then they slap a camera up for good revenue

      The offender was being social rather than competitive when they put the lives of others at risk? I guess that makes it okay.


        Not at all. Im just highlighting the event is not a race as stated and the offender was speeding on his own accord (not because the event is a race). I dont support the speeding thing but do support the over all event. Had a great time last year when I participated and kept with in the laws (like 99% of the other people in the event)

        Is there any particular reason why you routinely downvote all my comments or are you just trolling?

          Actually agreed with your post above. Force of habit, sorry.

          I also downvote all of your comments (so far and based on content, not predjudice). You make blanket assumptions, and you seem to deny the possibility that there may be people on our roads that can use their judgement and experience to decide what speed is safe - without the need for a sign.

            I don't mind being downvoted for a reason, my comment to @200ms wasn't just tied to this article, it's because I've noticed he's been downvoting all my comments across several articles even when I say something completely neutral or innocuous. And the fact he downvoted the comment here even though he agreed with it shows he is in fact just trolling.

    Whoa looks like we MODBALL RALLY experts here. Everyone watch out...

    Get the story straight, Police were informed by the Modball organisers of their presence and the route in which it was taking place, the organisers of Modball also enforce that its NOT a race and to follow the road rules applied, but like any event people are free to make their own choices, good or bad.

    216. But you'll give someone a license to go to work if his been drink driving. ...

    BUT DID YOU DIE ????

    What a great article! Journalism at its finest!
    Here's an example:
    The Modball Rally is similar to other rally events held around the world, including the Gumball Rally 3000 which pits teams in luxury supercars against each other to see who can make it to the next city the fastest via public roads.

    Let's go see what the actual Modball website says (http://modball.com/rally/):
    Despite pre-conceived judgements the Modball Rally is not a timed event in any way nor is it a race of any kind, at Modball we focus on the events each night and keep driving time down to ensure safe journeys between cities. Modball requires safe driving by all participants to enable the safest event possible for everyone involved.

    I once saw a guy who was drinking wine slap a girl on the arse and carry on like an idiot. He was quickly booted out of the venue. I will now assume all wine drinkers are idiots because reasons.

    I think the word "rally" is used too 'liberally' here. Traditional rallies are timed events over a set course. Modball is clearly not timed, it's not a 'race'.

    "Police will allege"? I saw a Mitsubishi CP9 Evo pull up to a hotel in Sydney covered in stickers (including big Modball ones), so it would be pretty easy to spot a participant.

    Last edited 27/10/14 4:10 pm

      Police will allege
      Because everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Same with any crime. Even if you're caught red handed, and clearly guilty, caught on film admitting guilt, it's still "Alleged"
      I think the word "rally" is used too 'liberally' here
      I think you'll also find people who host rallies like to term them such as opposed to "race", even if there is a winner. I noticed Modball don't use the word race on their site, and the first part of their Terms is pretty much "this is not a race." Great for the organisers, but how many of the participants want to be the first there? Don't tell me none.

        I'm not defending the actions of the idiot speeder, nor saying people participating won't break the law. What I'm trying to say is this article paints the Modball as Wacky Racers type event. I've never participated in one so I can't say that what really happens, but if speed/time/placing isn't advertised, then why is it safe to assume everyone is racing?

    wow 216kph... that's insane man...
    actually for a "super car" its quite pathetic

    216km/h? is that all? Considering family cars are designed to travel safely around those speeds these days, that's extremely tame for a supercar.

      The issue isn't whether the car is capable of travelling at those speeds. The issue is that the car was being driven at 216km/h on a public road.

    I wonder, how fast did the police Commodore have to go to catch him? Which car was safest at those speeds, RS6 or Commodore?
    Traffic cop on the Hume has to be one of very few jobs where you get to drive that fast legally.

    A police van rolled over "during pursuit", knocked an entire segment of my apartment complex' wall down and created a mess on a four way junction! Don't see that in the news do you. Don't see the police getting fined for over speeding, skipping traffic signals by violating traffic rules and for negligent driving...

      Was this the police van that crashed in Sydney on Foveaux st where a female police office was trapped, or the police van that rolled in Sylvania in Sydney injuring a handful of office. The fact is, they get media attention, at least in NSW.
      Hell, in NSW the Ford Ranger even got attention as it was prone to roll-over and not allowed to travel signal 1 to incidents

    mind you, it was perfectly legal to do this in 1971, there was even an article on it, i think at 231 or so, the XY falcon's wipers started lifting off the windscreen, so the driver was unable to see at night, so he slowed down to around 225 or so on a trip from broadmeadows to albury/wodonga.

    I understand where you're coming from, however Germany disagrees (as does the NT here in Australia, who since recently removing speed restrictions again on certain roads, have not seen a major crash or fatality since). And the proof of such cars to travel safely at these speeds is evident.

      Good point. People love the "But Germany does it" to point to unrestricted speed limits, whilst conveniently omitting the facts that the autobahn is built to exacting standards with materials and thickness, camber, curve, inclines all precisely controlled. Not likely to have an Autobahn looking as pock-marked as the Pacific or Hume Highways
      They never like to point out that if you fly past slow traffic the Polizei will bust you for driving dangerously.
      Nor cite the issues with Audi TTs getting air at just 180km/h
      Nor mention that they have reduced the open-limit sections because of conditions.

      Unrestricted roads in the NT are not the same as the Hume, how many cars go past any given point on unrestricted roads in an hour? now compare that to the Hume Highway.

    But speed kills, not stopping. Just see all the propaganda put out there. Nor does drink driving or poor vehicle upkeep or all the other laws.

    Most high powered European cars stop better from 200 than an older falcadore doing 110...

    ps most of the detIls of this story are pure fiction, as I attended this event in my Audi S4 Quattro and only exceeded 110 on the raceway at Phillip Island. That is not to say there were not idiots speeding in the group... I also witnessed alot of non Modball drivers speeding like idiots as well...

    This event isn't for Supercars. It's for any car with 2 or more modifications. I have a friend who did it in a Suzuki Swift.

    You're just selfish. You might be 100% sure you're not endangering anyone else, and decide the risk is acceptable for your own wellbeing, but you have no regard for the paramedics and police that will have see whats left of you when it inevitably goes wrong one night.

      So guest, you're telling me you have never gone 200? At all?
      I find it great that people like you can pass judgement for us all.
      Things don't "inevitably" go wrong.
      I'm not going 200km every day and i'm not doing it on a thin road.

      There's no point in trying to reason with people like @trogue12
      They think they're invincible, and that "it'll never happen to them". Unfortunately it's idiots like him that give the rest of us car enthusiasts a bad name, and give the cops more reason to unfairly target us. You're right, selfish is the word.

    Start a political party or petition government to build autobahns. Or... you know, whinge and break the law.

    Edit: grammar

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