New Gulfstream Jets’ Flight Deck Looks Like Sci-Fi Spaceship Cockpit

New Gulfstream Jets’ Flight Deck Looks Like Sci-Fi Spaceship Cockpit

Gulfstream has new jets, the G500 and G600. They can fly at almost supersonic speed and come with lots of new cool stuff, like a new cabin that is supposed to make you feel like you are not flying or this new glass cockpit made by Honeywell — called Symmetry — which looks out of some sci-fi movie.

It looks to me like something out of Oblivion, perhaps because of the combination of the big glass windows and the all-LCD front.

The Symmetry glass controls are fully touchscreen, using large LCD displays that show a 3D colour synthetic view of the outside world, so the crew always knows what’s around them even in low visibility. It also has 2D and 3D airport moving maps, which show “runways, taxiways, airport structures and signs at many airports on the cockpit navigation displays, while the 3D moving map integrates the Synthetic Vision System for an ‘out the window’ view of the airport on the Primary Flight Display.”

The cockpit also shows air traffic information, showing nearly aircraft much like military aeroplanes, showing aeroplane both airborne and on the surface.

The entire thing is Wi-Fi, so pilots and ground crews can easily connect to the systems to obtain additional data without having to connect with a wire.

This is how the airport moving maps look:

Apart from having larger windows, the new pressurised cabin is designed to make you feel like like you are at a normal altitude, a tendency that was heralded by Boeing’s Dreamliner. The cabin also fully renews its atmosphere with new air every two minutes, which Gulfstream claims makes people feel great.