NASA’S Antares Rocket Just Exploded On Lift-Off (Video)

NASA’S Antares Rocket Just Exploded On Lift-Off (Video)

Holy crap. NASA’s latest (unmanned) space craft just exploded in a massive fireball moments after launch.

The Antares rocket was all set to make its way to the International Space Station to resupply the astronauts floating around up there.

NASA confirmed that a “vehicular anomaly” occurred, and said it’s currently examining the situation.

Antares was a private rocket made by Orbital Sciences, which contracts for NASA. Thankfully, it was an unmanned craft and there are currently no reports of injuries at the launch site.

Update (9:50am): NASA has confirmed nobody was injured.

Update (9:55am): NASA is giving live updates on its Ustream channel which you can watch below.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream