McLaren’s P1 GTR Has To Be The Craziest Hybrid Ever

McLaren’s P1 GTR Has To Be The Craziest Hybrid Ever

735 kilowatts. A stripped out interior with swathes of carbon fibre. A F1-derived high speed Drag Reduction System on the rear wing. If you thought the road-going McLaren P1 was already insanely powerful and quick, the track-only, racing-focused P1 GTR is going to blow your mind.


Image credit: McLaren

There’s a new video of the McLaren P1 GTR in action, first spotted by the guys over at Autoblog, with the British supercar and F1 manufacturer introducing the new GTR program to potential customers and the world via YouTube.

The P1 GTR is a hybrid. You can drive it without burning petrol. You might be only able to manage a couple of kilometres, of course, with the front-mounted electric motor and battery pack re-optimised for instantaneous tractable power out of low-speed corners and from a standstill, but a hybrid it remains and therefore it is saving the planet as it tears up the race track.

Developed along the same lines as the Ferrari XX programme that spawned the FXX and 599XX for customers to drive at race tracks around the world, McLaren’s accompanying driver support programme will see 10 to 12 track days per year, with the cars’ lucky owners picking six to attend and borrowing garage and crew at each location from McLaren for a turn-key racing experience with their custom-liveried cars.

That driver program includes not only access to McLaren’s bespoke track simulator, but both physical and mental preparation for the absolute pinnacle of performance — it’s called the “Human Performance Program”, developing drivers just as much as the cars themselves.

I don’t know about you, but I want one.