Magnets Are The Secret To The Ultimate Cookie-Dunking Contraption

For every Kickstarted product that succeeds and makes it into the hands of consumers, there are hundreds that don’t. The Dunkin’ Buddy’s Kickstarter campaign unfortunately didn’t succeed in raising $US10,000 earlier this year, but its creators realise how important its existence is to mankind, and they’re determined to get it into production anyways.

If you can’t quite figure out what it is, then you’ve probably never dunked a chocolate chip or Oreo cookie in a glass of milk before. The Dunkin’ Buddy is a simple tool that lets you completely submerge a couple of cookies in milk, without soaking your fingers. Using a magnet, it connects a cookie-holding tray to a handle on the outside of the glass, so your hands stay dry while you dunk.

It’s clever and simple, and has the added bonus of ensuring a supersaturated cookie doesn’t accidentally collapse and sink to the bottom of the glass. Unfortunately there’s no word on when any of us will be able to get our hands on the Dunkin’ Buddy, but its creators already have an improved design that they’re shopping around in hopes of finding someone to fund their dream, and make all of our lives better in the process. [Dunkin’ Buddy via Incredible Things]