I Want To Sit In This Childish Chair All Day Long

If this chair looks like ramshackle mess, that’s because it’s supposed to. Inspired by the childhood forts we all used to make out of blankets and furniture and whatever else we could find, this chair is design for adults to play instead.

The brainchild of Czech designer Michael Tomalik, the Idol Chair is designed to be fun and comfortable. With nooks, crannies and who knows what else there, its cage-like construction has room for a huge blanket or duvet, with plenty of spaces to store books, magazines, clothes, potted plants, light fittings… clearly, this is a real den. Tomalik explains to Design Boom:

‘I wanted to go back in time which was, for me somehow easier, untouched by design and style. I realised that one of the most magic memories from my childhood was building different kind of forts and bunkers. I used this inspiration with the intention to built one, once again, but for me…an adult person.’

Sadly, the chair was part of Tomalik ‘s Master’s work at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. So I won’t be sitting in it any time soon. [Michael Tomalik via Design Boom]