Genius App Instantly Solves Maths Problems Using A Phone's Camera

Genius app instantly solves maths problems using a phone's camera

I've seen the future and it is maths less and it is awesome and it is this PhotoMath app that solves maths problems just by pointing your phone's camera at them. It's like a cross between a text reading camera, a supremely sophisticated calculator and well, the future. Point and solve and never do maths again.

From the video below, it looks like it works pretty great (the app won't be available until 2015 though, the year true future stuff happens according to BTTF). PhotoMath explains:

PhotoMath reads and solves mathematical expressions by using the camera of your mobile device in real time. It makes maths easy and simple by educating users how to solve maths problems.

After the maths problem is instantly read and solved, the app will show you how the answer was reached too. So if you still want to learn maths, the app can serve as an immensely helpful teaching tool for arithmetic expressions, fractions and decimals, powers and roots and simple linear equations. The app developers say more is coming too.

But if you're like me, you can't wait for the time machine to be invented in the future so that you can go back into time to tell your high school self to not bother learning maths because we've seen the future and it is maths less.



    Sounds an awful lot like the Lenwoloppali Differential Equation Scanner featured on the Big Bang Theory. I wonder where these guys got the idea? Kudos to them for pulling it off, but they stole the idea from a SitCom.

    The app is already out on IOS, tried it out before works pretty good on some equations from a school text book.

    It makes maths easy and simple by educating users how to solve maths problems.
    You can't learn math by watching a phone app solve it for you any more than you can learn sculpting by watching a CNC machine.

    Get in and do it yourselves dammit!

    - Spoken by a parent who's just had to spend $300 on a graphing calculator so his school kids can find turning points in quadratic equations !!!

    (Edited grammar error made in anger)

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      If it educates users to point their phone at maths problems and get answers, hasn't it just made learning maths simple and easy?
      I point my phone at maths.. I get answers... Maths is REALLY easy now.

      I see exactly what you're getting at and you are 100% right. No one is going to learn anything with this thing.

      Mine was $205 (purchased by myself for college), and is damn useful, it'll last 10 years and see me through my engineering degree. But I do agree, this app wont help you learn maths, it will make one aspect a *lot* easier, checking answers at the end. When doing my Maths Specialized questions, my time allocation is usually 1/4 to read the question, 1/2 to actually do the question and the final 1/4 to flip to that particular page in the text book, scour for the answer, check my book, check the text book and repeat.

    It's only on android you need to wait until 2015.
    iOS already works fine.

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