Fitbit Charge, Charge HR And Surge Leak Again In Sports Authority Ad

Fitbit Charge, Charge HR And Surge Leak Again In Sports Authority Ad

Sports Authority is the latest source of leaked images of Fitbit’s forthcoming activity trackers. An email advertisement sent to us by a tipster lists the unannounced Charge, Charge HR, and Surge trackers as available for pre-order. They’re not, but it’s almost certain that they will be soon.

Information about the Fitbit’s new products has been leaking out over the last week, and it appears Sports Authority wised up to their mistake because the current layout of the company’s site shows the old Fitbit Flex where the new ones are in the ad above. (See below for the full advertisement.)

A week ago, we reported a detailed leak of images and specifications for the Fitbit Charge and Charge HR. Another leak revealed the forthcoming Surge smartwatch.

It appears that Fitbit Charge will be a basic activity tracker very similar the to Fitbit Force that was recalled last year. And that’s OK! We loved the Fitbit Force, aside from how it caused a lot of people to break out in rashes. It tracks your steps and measures sleep quality. It’s water-resistant, and has a silent vibrating alarm, as well as a tiny display that shows you the time, your tracking stats, and even Caller ID for a paired smartphone.

The Charge HR adds heart rate monitoring to the mix. The technology on board is called “PurePulse”, which apparently means that it’s tracking your heart rate 24 hours a day. That heart rate measurement can then be incorporated with Fitbit’s MobileRun application so you can keep better track of your exercise.

The Fitbit Surge, first reported by The Verge adds yet another layer of functionality. In addition to heart measurement, it also will apparently have built-in GPS. The larger display will allow you to read text messages and notifications on your wrist although it doesn’t appear to run Android Wear or any OS that would allow you more sophisticated smartwatch features. So basically it’s smarter than your average activity tracker, but it’s not really a full-blown smartwatch.

Rumour has it the Fitbit Charge will retail for $US180, the Charge HR for $US220, and the Surge for $US250.

With this latest leak, it might be fair to speculate that the new activity trackers will be announced soon. Know more? Drop us a line: [email protected]