Celebrate 25 Seasons Of Treehouse Of Horror By Watching The Simpsons

Celebrate 25 Seasons Of Treehouse Of Horror By Watching The Simpsons

Quick! Stop what you’re doing (including reading this), and go watch television history. The Simpsons will be airing the 25 instalment of a now national Halloween tradition known as Treehouse of Horror.

Beginning with the second season in 1990, Treehouse of Horror is a spooky annual episode showing three short vignettes in Halloween’s spirit of creepiness, and tonight it celebrates its 25th yearly episode. Every year, I try to catch Treehouse of Horror because its one of the few things that can get me into the Halloween spirit (and finally make me buckle down on that costume I’ve been meaning to put together.)

Right now, it’s kind of difficult to watch past seasons of Treehouse though luckily I was able to find my favourite mini segment. This isn’t so much my actual favourite, as I’ve always loved “Citizen Kang,” but this clip was in the first episode I ever saw, which also happened to be the first Treehouse of Horror. The seven-minute segment is simply called “Raven,” a Simpsons-esque retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem.

Also, let’s not forget the Guillermo del Toro-directed opener from last season.

Tonight is one of my favourite nights of fall, and I’d imagine the same can be said for lots of people around the world, and if you missed the episode, be sure to keep an eye one Hulu.