Australian-Designed Bicycle Pulley System Is A Surprisingly Practical Storage Solution

Ever since I moved into my apartment, I’ve been trying to convince my roommates that what we need is a pulley system to pull our bikes up onto the balcony. And ever since we moved in, my roommates have been telling me that it’s a terrible idea that will unquestionably end with someone being mutilated by a falling crankset. But now a group of Australian architects have vindicated my crazy plans (and built an awesome storage system for bikes in the process).

The project is the brainchild of Australian architecture collective Tribe Studios, and this is its solution to the problem of storage in a small, terraced family home. The bikes hang from their handlebars and front wheel in a skylight, casting shadows across the room, and helping offset some of the slightly overbearing, linear whiteness of the rest of the room. One thing’s not clear though: how on earth you can keep a room that clean when you’re wheeling bikes in and out all day. [Habitus]