Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Is Going For $US99,800 On Ebay

Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Is Going For $US99,800 On Ebay

Someone is selling what they claim is an iPhone 6 prototype on auction at Ebay; as of this posting, bids are currently over $US99,000. The photos show the phone running a different version of the iOS software, one that looks similar to the factory test mode software shown in previous leaked images of prototypes.

The California-based seller claims to have been sent the phone accidentally by Verizon, and says the red lightning port and lack of FCC certifications on the back verify the phone’s authentic Apple status. If so, they may run into trouble with Apple by the time their auction ends on October 9.

With over 140 bidders quickly approaching six figures, you’d think they’d want a working phone, but the seller very clearly states they don’t know if this so-called prototype will even take calls. (And there’s always the chance that Apple will disable it if it’s real.)

Whether it’s real or not, the seller does not have a long Ebay history and I’m honestly shocked so many people are willing to part for so much money for a maybe-real phone they may never receive.

I’ve asked the seller for more information and contacted Apple to get official confirmation on whether this is legit or a fake, and will update if I hear back. This could easily just be a well-done, $US99,000 fake. [Ebay via TNW via Gizmodo UK]

Screenshots: Ebay