All Restaurants And Bars Should Use Pop-Up Menus

Did you know that some bars and restaurants use menus that are completely devoid of pictures of the drink or entree you’re thinking about ordering? It’s absurd. Not only should menus feature photos of what your meal could optimistically look like, but venues should consider borrowing a page from this amazing pop-up menu engineered by paper artist Helen Friel.

Designed for the Art Deco Beaufort Bar at London’s Savoy Hotel, the menu features lavish illustrations of the bar’s signature drinks that leap from the page with intricately engineered pop-ups. It might seem like overkill, but libations are certainly more tempting when you’re staring at a recreation of each drink on every page. And if it works for a Tom Collins, imagine what Friel could do for Denny’s popular Moons Over My Hammy? [Helen Friel via Taxi]

Pictures: Toby Summerskill