Alcatraz Reimagined As The Luxurious Lair Of A Tech Mogul

Alcatraz Reimagined As The Luxurious Lair Of A Tech Mogul
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Behold the island of Alcatraz as re-imagined by film director and concept designer Bastiaan Kooch for his near-future thriller Follow the Camera. Instead of a prison, it’s now the luxurious fortress-home of Steven, a powerful tech mogul. Given San Francisco’s current situation, this is totally believable.

Bastiaan sent us these renders after wrapping up the sound of the film at Skywalker Sound, along with this question:

How would we feel if Steve Jobs had done this or if Mark Zuckerberg does it now? This residence would be an actual metaphor of the service/product he created.

The film takes place in San Francisco, 2066 where domestic droids are commonplace. Patent lawyer Elisabeth Adelman must face her sister’s husband Steven Forcyth in the tech-case of the century. Steven, the chief architect of Fortune 500 company Immutech Robotics, plans to save his company by releasing a new, autonomous product to market.

[…] only someone extremely grandiose, powerful, narcissistic, and future-thinking could take over a major historical icon like Alcatraz and turn it into a showy private residence. Everyone in San Francisco is reminded of his presence every day because the island is in the center of the Bay. But because he is so visible and central, it’s like he is the one watching everyone in San Francisco from a safe vantage point and the “common people” in their city apartments can feel it, and they are curious… and afraid… and that ties in with what Immutech is making too!

Bastiaan Koch is a Dutch-American film director, artist, and concept designer. His work includes mecha and exoskeleton robotics design for Industrial Light & Magic.

You can follow him Twitter and his production company site. You can follow the movie process in Facebook.

This is part of a series in which we are featuring really cool industrial design work. If you are an concept or industrial designer with high quality work, please drop me a line here.