A US Version Of The IT Crowd Is In The Works… Again

A US Version Of The IT Crowd Is In The Works… Again

The IT Crowd episode “The Work Outing” is perhaps one of the finest 30 minutes of TV comedy you’ll ever watch. The only expert source I have is any living person with a sense of humour, but I’m OK with that. The rest of the series is excellent of course, so much so in 2006-2007, NBC in the US had a crack at its own version and despite the copy not lasting the distance (well, any distance) back then, NBC is giving it another try now.

Attached to the project are Bill Lawrence, Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, all of which are best known collectively for their work on Scrubs, with the latter two also serving early stints as executive producers on Community, another NBC production.

According to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, the US broadcaster has commission a pilot, though there’s no word on when it’ll appear or who might play the main characters.

I doubt Joel McHale will reprise the Roy role and it’s equally unlikely Richard Ayoade will want to work on another potential failed remake. But then, we really can’t know.

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Image: Channel 4