Why Is Gadget Fashion Still So Bad?

Why Is Gadget Fashion Still So Bad?

You wanted a bigger phone, you got a bigger phone. Lots of bigger phones. Phones that are now bigger than the biggest pocket of your biggest pants. So where are you going to keep your big phone now?

The evolution of gadgets in a few short years has been impressive. The evolution of gadget-ready fashion has not. Why so… bad? Let’s check out some of the current offerings.

Yep, this is a real shirt. For your smartphone. That can also turn you into a walking YouTube ad.

Not into the chest pocket? Alright how about this:

You can keep your phone right there on your thigh and you can use it. And don’t worry, they have jeggings.

Or looking for something a bit more subtle?

A “stylish” scarf to safely stash your phone. Yeah still not that subtle.

A vest is, maybe not as awful? But bear in mind you would have to wear one of these jackets all of the time.

These particular items may have you rolling your eyes rather than rushing to the store. But how to design a more convenient, safe, and stylish way to carry our devices that have become an extension of ourselves is a perfect reasonable question. For the past decade or so, if we’ve wanted to keep our smartphone at the ready, there’s really only one place to put it: in the pocket of our pants.

Oversized bending smartphones have resurfaced the question, yet f rom the looks of what some fashion companies are proposing, we’re gonna need an entire layer of outerwear to hold our gadgets. Take this jacket with an iPad “shelf,” by Alphyn, reviewed by our friends at Engadget:

This seems like a good idea. When you’re not busy checking your 2011 calendar, the jacket zips up, securing your device to your belly, and transforming you into an Apple kangaroo. But how practical is wearing your phone like that? You could just carry a bag. A more minimal solution is actually what we need, one that, as a woman, I’m not seeing nearly enough companies address.

I know where I stick my phone when I’m not carrying a purse: In my bra.

I know, it just looks like she crammed her phone in her cleavage but there’s a customised pocket in there. This is a real thing.

And for the men:

Or is something like this too close for comfort?

Fashion will surely slowly adapt to accommodate our gadgets. Lee is adding six-by-six-inch cargo pockets to some of its shorts, specifically to address growing phones.

Clothing can also add features. Perhaps privacy will be so tantamount that we’ll need
special pouches engineered into our pants and jackets to block devices from surveillance.

This microfibre-coated tie looks like potentially useful wearable gadget gear which can help you shine up the glass surfaces of your devices since we’ll all just be carrying them around in our hot little hands.

We need a solution soon. We’ve come far from toting around strapped-on gadget bags. But not that far.

We can’t even look to futurist sci-fi for the answer. He’s in a romantic relationship with his OS and still carries it precariously in his shirt pocket.

Anyway, I think I know the answer to where we’ll be keeping our phones in the future. On our wrists.