What Do Smartphones Need That They Don’t Already Have?

What Do Smartphones Need That They Don’t Already Have?

Welcome to the first week of September, also known as crazy-insane IFA 2014 and iPhone event extravaganza. During the next 10 days we’ll see new handsets, smartwatches, and other tech paraphernalia from almost every major hardware manufacturer. So now I’m wondering, where do smartphones even go from here?

Recently companies have been testing what we want in a smartphone. Less Bezel? Better Screens? NFC (Finally)? Lower prices? Even an iris scanner? I’ve made the argument that smartphones are in an era of diminishing returns, where differences between generations are much more minuscule than they used to be, so what are some things you’d still like to see on the next smartphone you buy?

I have a couple thing on my wish list to get us started. First, I want to see the Google Wallet dream come true. Being able to pay for things conveniently and securely with my smartphone would be a huge benefit, especially if it has a budgeting application build in. I am terrible. Give me a break.

After today, it seems even more likely that Apple will follow through with this e-payments idea with the iPhone 6. But if Google Wallet still faces adversity three years after its launch, a flawless Apple wallet alternative right out of the gate seems unlikely.

Also, battery life looks like it could be the next big frontier for smartphones. Already new technology is promising to double the average battery life of our gadgets, but we have yet to see this in any actual device. As soon as someone can get my phone near three days of battery with moderate or heavy use, I will forsake my current smartphone immediately.

How about you? Where do you think smartphones are likely to go from here? What are things you hope to see at IFA 2014, the new iPhone event, or just on the next smartphone you buy? And is there anything companies should just give up on entirely?