We Met The Bachelor, And His Dream Gadget Might Surprise You

Think that Network Ten's The Bachelor Australia is just for your girlfriend? You'd be wrong. We met Bachelor Blake and found out that he actually has more than a passing interest in weird tech.

The Bachelor's compound in Sydney isn't exactly a tech lover's paradise. All contestants and Bachelor Blake had to turn in their phones to prevent contact with the outside world spoiling the surprise of the show. Blake was only given one device to call the outside world: a brick phone from the 1990's.

"You've got to check in your iPhones and everything else. You've got to focus. There was, however, a 'Batphone' I had. The Batphone had the number of my mother, my best mate, a colleague and my lawyer programmed into it. This phone is amazing. It kept on lasting! I think it was a Nokia 6210: one of the old-fashioned bricks. I think I charged it like once a week! That just brought me back to those days to where we didn't have to charge two or three times per day, it was great," Blake tells us.

So what phone does TV's most eligible man rock in his pocket every day?

"At the moment I've got the iPhone 5," Blake shares, adding that he hasn't really had a second to check out the iPhone 6 launching tomorrow.

"I've been living in a bubble and I haven't really checked out the specs of [the iPhone 6], but if it's got a better battery, I'd want it. To me it's just battery that matters. I'm in real estate and I want the battery to last. I find the iPhones pretty reliable. I went to the Samsung Galaxy for a while, and I came back! I'll see how it goes."

What we were really surprised about is the device Blake still wishes he had.

"My dream was to get the [Asus] Padfone! I always wanted that. It was brilliant and with the first one you could even get a keyboard attachment. It's everything in one!"

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. on Network Ten

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