Watch A Master Pizza Maker Make Deliciously Perfect Pizza

Video: A.W. Mangieri is the chef at famed Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco and he makes pizzas. Fantastic, simple and delicious 12-inch Neapolitan pizzas that look absolutely perfect. I've never had them but I can totally smell and taste them through this video. Plus, Mangieri seems a little crazy about pizza so they must be good.

Michael Evans filmed this short of Mangieri called Bake Pizza Ride Bikes, which focuses on two of Mangieri's passions which are, you totally guessed it, making pizza and riding bikes.

All I want is pizza now.


    I saw a guy in Sydney do all these epic tricks with the pizza. I think it was a deli place under one of the buildings in George Street.


        yeah thanks, do you reckon they are better than the guy in the vid?

          definitely not

          if you want the same as the guy in the vid, the only place that does napolitana pizza correctly is lucios in darlinghurst

          Last edited 30/09/14 10:53 am

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