This Google Glass App Can Tell You How Stressed You Are

Google Glass can now detect when your stress levels are through the roof. This is decidedly less creepy than having it detect someone else’s.

An Glass app called BioGlass, developed by researchers at Georgia Tech and MIT, uses the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and front-facing camera on Google’s wearable device to measure your heart rate, breathing and tiny movements.

It’s still at a rudimentary stage — it doesn’t do anything more than record data at the moment. But a future software update could presumably give you some kind of warning sign, play some soothing jazz, or tell you to calm down in Meryl Streep’s voice (I swear that does it for me).

To be fair, you don’t necessarily need Google Glass to do this. As Engadget points out, any device with the right sensors would work just fine. So just build it into the iWatch, will you, Apple? [Engadget]