These Clever Bike Lights Get You Seen Without Blinding Drivers

These Clever Bike Lights Get You Seen, Without Blinding Drivers

Bike riders often aren't the most loved road users, a status some cyclists love to perpetuate by attaching a small theatrical production's worth of illumination to their handlebars, in a (partially justified) quest to get seen at night.

Sure, more lumens means you've got a higher chance of being seen — but it also means a higher chance of a driver with scorched retinas running you down for revenge. The Double O lights try and solve this problem by using a bunch of lower-powered LEDs, spaced in a ring. That puts out a comparable amount of light (85 lumens) to most bike lights, but it's diffuse, and therefore non-blinding (and probably visible from more angles).

The other smart feature on the Double O lights is their anti-theft mechanism. The doughnut design is so that when you park your bike, you can thread the front and back lights onto your bike lock, and not have to take them with you. Prices start at about $US40 for one light, or $US75ish for both, with shipping set for November at the moment. [Double O via Gizmag]

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