Test Your Endurance On This IKEA Showroom-Turned-Climbing Wall

Test Your Endurance on This Ikea Showroom-Turned-Climbing Wall

Lots of us spend a lot of time lounging, sleeping, eating — heck, living out of and off of Ikea furniture. In order to promote a new superstore coming to Clermont-Ferrand in the middle of France, the company installed a fully functional climbing wall of inexpensive modern furniture outside of a cathedral. Spiderman's new living room?

All of the decor on the 9.14m-high vertical floor plan is by the brand, natch, with a few visible, strategically placed holds for easier gripping between the colourful Reidars and Poängs. It's the latest collaboration between IKEA and Paris-based creative agency Ubi Bene, which together have pulled off some interesting collaborations in the past — most of which edge into the public spectacle end of the spectrum for an unconventional variety of publicity stuntage.

Test Your Endurance on This Ikea Showroom-Turned-Climbing Wall

According to Golem13, it's open to the public and it looks like a lot of folks are checking it out. All of which raises an important Would You Rather: Spend a sleepy night in a showroom, or get physical and navigate your way to the top of this thing? [Ubi Bene Paris; Golem13; Design Taxi]

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