Telstra Wants To Help Pay Your Switching Fees Too

Telstra Wants To Help Pay Your Switching Fees Too

Over the weekend, Optus introduced an offer to pay up to $200 in switching costs for customers who change to them from another carrier. Telstra has now introduced an essentially identical offer.

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Like Optus, Telstra will offer up to $200 in credit, and up to $250 if you trade in your handset. Telstra is also temporarily waiving its $10/month charge for its “new phone feeling” option, which lets you upgrade your handset after 12 months, on plans costing $70 a month or more.

As with the Optus deal, the problem is that you have to sign up to a 24-month contract, and Telstra’s contracts are pricier than its rivals. We’re still advocates of buying phones outright and using prepaid to get better value, and $200 won’t cover your costs if your contract has more than a few months to run.


Originally published on Lifehacker Australia