People Are Already Lining Up For The iPhone 6

People Are Already Lining Up For The iPhone 6

It’s starting. We’re roughly six days out from the announcement of what the world expects will be a brand new iPhone, and maybe even the first Apple wearable, and people are excited. Some are so excited that they’ve reportedly already started queuing outside the New York Apple Store cube so they can be among the first to have the product. Oh boy.

Owning the new iPhone “first” is one of the lamest claims to fame you can make, but five generations in people still queue around the block sometimes for days on end to get their mitts on Apple’s gadget loveliness.

Launchticker on Twitter came out with this photo, showing a group of about five people on deck chairs, huddled under their umbrellas, all waiting for the new iPhone.

We’ve done a bit of digging and can’t find an image of people at the front of an iPhone line like it from previous years, so this looks like it might be the real deal: a line forming before an actual announcement.

If these people were really serious about being “first in the world” to get the new iPhone, they’d go and line up outside a telco store in Auckland, New Zealand. The sun rises there “first”, meaning that by the time these New Yorkers get their precious iPhones, they’ll be behind everyone including us Aussies. Suckers.

Aussies are getting in on the act, too, listing tasks on Airtasker for people to line up in Sydney for the new iPhone.