Meet The Man Who Designed Ghostbusters’ Most Iconic Props In Two Weeks

If you’re spending millions of dollars to make a movie, it seems like it would only make sense to make sure everything is ready for day one of filming, right?. Apparently Hollywood doesn’t work that way, because as the designer of Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters reveals in this fun interview, they only started building the now iconic props two weeks before filming began.

As part of its continuing celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, the folks at Beyond the Marquee interviewed Stephen Dane who not only designed the Ecto-1 vehicle used in the movie, but also the proton pack and ghost trap props — some of the most recognisable film props of the past 50 years.

Getting paid to turn an old ambulance into a ghost-busting car already sounds fun on paper, but hearing Dane talk about the process of building everything for the film (with some wonderful behind-the-scenes photos) somehow makes us even more envious of his career choices. [YouTube via Ain’t It Cool News]