Make Your Abode Dangerously Cool With The Filmography Of Guns

Movies have given birth to guns of all shapes, sizes and destruction-dispensing abilities, but being able to recall precisely what they look like? Don't worry, that's why they invented coffee table books and awesome posters, like those from US artist Cathryn Lavery.

Currently up on Kickstarter — and already wildly successful with 25 days to go — the "Filmography of Guns" is a two-part package. The first is a poster featuring 115 weapons, from the conventional to the futuristic, each shrunk down from a 30.4 x 45.7cm original so you get all the intricacies replicated in impressive detail.

So, that's for your wall. If you want something with more words, then you'll be happy about the second bit: a 120-page "Collector's Book". It includes some history on each of the weapons, but you'll need to fork over $US99 to get it and the poster, or just $US55 for the book by itself.

T-shirts are also available, though if you grab those you'll have to put up with being stopped in the street as people inspect your torso for purely educational purposes. OK, that totally came out wrong...

[Kickstarter, via The Awesomer]

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