Leaked Details About Two New Kindles Appear Online

Leaked Details About Two New Kindles Appear Online

Details about two new upcoming Kindle readers have leaked online. A German website first pointed out that information about the next generation of Amazon's ereaders had appeared on the German version of Amazon's website. It's gone now, but not before revealing that there will be two new types: an upgraded "basic" version, and a new high-end product called the Kindle Voyage.

A cached version of Amazon's Japanese homepage reveals more information: The Kindle Voyage will have a 300 ppi screen, come with a newly designed button page, and come in Wi-Fi and 3G. It looks like Amazon kept the screen at 6 inches.

Another interesting detail: Looks like there's something called "intelligent front light," which is probably an automatic dimmer. How romantic!

The Voyage is listed at around $US322 for 3G and $US245 for the Wi-Fi version; if these prices are correct, it's a pretty big increase from Paperwhite.

The Japanese page lists the dimensions of the Voyage at 6.2 cm x 11.5 cm x 0.8 cm, and lists is weight at 186 grams, so if the Voyage is more expensive than the Paperwhite, it will also be smaller and lighter.

We've reached out to Amazon to ask for verification about these leaks and will update if they confirm. If this is legit, we can expect the leaked basic version in October and the Kindle Voyage in November.

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Pictures: allesebook.de, Amazon Japan

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