Japan Tests New 500km/h Maglev Train

Maglev trains have been promised as the future of public transport since about forever, but high-speed magnetic levitation systems are rapidly gaining a serious reputation — something Japan’s public demonstration of its high-speed maglev system is only going to help.

The test was carried out by the Central Japan Railway Company, and was the first public demonstration of the 500km/h high-speed link that will eventually run between Tokyo and Nagoya, with service expected in 2027. The test was a demonstration of ‘L-Zero’ tech, which brings trains to an initial speed of 160km/h, before engaging the maglev system, which slowly brings the train up to the slightly scary 500km/h top speed.

Maglev technology works by using a series of magnets to levitate and accelerate trains, in theory making transit more efficient, and with fewer moving parts to maintain. [Japan Today]

Picture: Maglev from Shutterstock